Superbooth 24: WORNG Electronics SideCar, six-channel cascading VCA with faders

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Superbooth 24: WORNG Electronics SideCar is a new 6-channel cascading VCA module with 45mm faders for a hands-on mixing experience. 

Superbooth 24 once again brought together developers from all over the world. Morgan from WORNG Electronics came to Berlin from Australia. Don’t worry; I didn’t spell the brand’s name wrong; it’s supposed to be WRONG.

For Superbooth 24, Morgan showcased the current module portfolio but also unveiled a new hands-on mixing VCA module called SideCar.

WORNG Electronics SideCar

WORNG Electronics SideCar

SideCar is a new DC-coupled six-channel cascading VCA with four mono and two stereo channels, which ensures great flexibility. The inputs and outputs normalize downward for mixing and patch consolidation, making it a mixing VCA.

The module also offers 45mm faders for perfect control over the signals in the studio and in performances. A highlight of the WORNG Electronics SideCar module is its proprietary CV-shaping circuitry, which offers a great response to control voltage signals.

It is very noticeable that the module is designed very simply. You can see straight away what does what. According to Morgan from WORNG, that’s the intention: 

We designed SideCar with a ‘less-is-more’ approach to enable you to just get premium level control with a clean and usable interface without trying to cram the interface full of features, giving you a high quality, truely modular building block for your modular system

First Impression

SideCar looks like neat concept for a mixing VCA. It also works great as a accompaniment for a WORNG Electronics SoundStage or Jumble Henge to add level control to your favorite spectral mixer, says the developer. 

WORNG Electronics SideCar is available soon for $359. 

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