Superbooth 24: Cosmotronic Aphelion, stereo distortion meets DJ-style filter

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Superbooth 24: Cosmotronic Aphelion is a new creative stereo distortion FX with a built-in DJ-style filter for Eurorack

The journey of the new module releases for Superbooth 24 now takes us from Germany to the Netherlands—the home of many excellent Eurorack manufacturers.

Cosmotronic, one of them, announces for Superbooth 24 Aphelion a new characterful stereo FX processor.

Cosmotronic Aphelion

Cosmotronic Aphelion

Aphelion is a new stereo FX processor that bundles a stereo distortion and a DJ-style filter into a compact 8 HP design. According to Cosmotronic, it is suitable for both studio setups and live performances.

The first part of the module is a stereo distortion with three morphable distortion circuits: a soft clipping overdrive, a saturating wavefolder, and a RAT-inspired distortion. With the character knob, you can manually or with CV interpolate/morph between these circuits. 

They offer a wide spectrum of distortions, from subtle warmth to aggressive timbres. For additional juice, Cosmotronic Aphelion also offers a +12dB gain switch, allowing you to drive the inputs into overdrive. Alternatively, you can use the low-cut filter mode to keep your low-ends undistorted.

Then, the second element of Cosmotronic Aphelion is a DIY-style lowpass/highpass filter reminiscent of filter effects found on DJ consoles. The module also has a handy filter bypass switch for creative usage and a wet/dry mix for the entire FX chain.

Yes, there is also full CV control over the low and high cutoff filter and the drive gain amount. Further, a level knob sets the volume of the outputs, making it easy to integrate into your system. With the right CVs, you can also use it as a stereo filter and VCA. 

First Impression

Stereo distortions are somewhat rarer on the Eurorack market. I’m happy about every new distortion that comes onto the market.

Cosmotronic Aphelion will be available in 2024. Price TBA. Cosmotronic will have a booth (Z249) at Superbooth 24.

More information here: Cosmotronic 

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