Superbooth 24: Joranalogue Cycle 5, a musical vari-wave oscillator

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Superbooth 24: Joranalogue Cycle 5 is a new high-precision, musical vari-wave oscillator packed with useful features in just 6HP.

The gym hall at Superbooth 24 was once again full of developers from all over the world this year. There were new keyboards, new mixers, but also Eurorack modules. It’s also the hall where the Belgian Eurorack developers came together again. 

Including Klavis, Shakmat Modular, and Joranalogue. The latter presented a new compact, versatile 6HP oscillator at Superbooth 24.

Joranalogue Cycle 5

Joranalogue Cycle 5

Cycle 5 is a new analog oscillator packed with features. At its core is a refined high-stability triangle core-based VCO with performance matching. 

The module ports all the classic waveforms, ranging from sine wave, triangle, saw, and square/saw. Hard sync and a dedicated low-frequency oscillator (LFO) mode are also onboard.

Then, it hosts a novel trigonometric waveshaper that creates very clean sine waves, ideal for sub-bass duty. Unlike a classic oscillator, Cycle 5 doesn’t feature a coarse frequency knob but instead a 7-position octave switch. Plus, it has a fifth transposition switch and a factory pitch tuning, making it very musical VCO.

A highlight of the new Joranalogue Cycle 5 is the unique vari-wave feature, aka morphing. It smoothly morphs from sine to triangle, saw, square, and to a very narrow pulse. The vari-wave parameter can be CV-controlled up to audio frequencies for wilder timbres.

Further, on the connection side, it comes with individual waveform outputs, including the waveform produced by the vari-wave feature. It also includes two precision 1v/oct inputs that serve as a built-in precision adder. You can use one for pitch and the other for exponential FM, for example. 

First Impression

Cycle 5 is an intriguing new compact analog oscillator from Joranalogue with a very unique feature set. I’m looking forward to the first sound demos.

Joranalogue Cycle 5 will cost 215€ and availability TBA.

More information here: Joranalogue

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