Superbooth 24: Shakmat Ballista Blast hybrid synth voice, Bishop’s Miscellany mk2 and Griffin’s Claws

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Superbooth 24: Shakmat Modules has introduced three new modules: Ballista Blast, a hybrid synth voice, Bishop’s Miscellany mk2 and Griffin’s Claws

First look video on the new Shakmat Modular modules from Superbooth 24


Article From May 15, 2024

Only a few hours until this year’s Superbooth 24 begins. For some, it starts today, especially for companies setting up their stands. 

This morning, Shakmat Modular from Belgium presented their new modules. Not one, but three exciting new modules: Ballista Blast, Bishop’s Miscellany mk2, and Griffin’s Claws. 

Superbooth 24 Shakmat

Superbooth 24: Shakmat Ballista Blast

Ballista Blast is a new 12HP synth voice powered by a hybrid core, with the VCO part digital and the rest analog. It offers three unique engines. 

The first “classic” engine combines saw and square waves in various configurations, driving two switchable analog VCFs with different flavors (acid or bubbly), a VCA, and a distortion unit.

With a simple button press, you reach the second engine. Wavetable provides a wide and customizable set of wavetables routed through the same analog signal chain, including the filters, etc.

The third and last engine is FM, which hosts original FM algorithms processed by a lowpass gate and a VCA. These algorithms use up to four operators and are controlled by three macro controls, enabling precise manipulation of the different algorithms.

Other clever additions are also present. For animation, Shakmat added a handy envelope, a random generator, and a velocity input to Ballista, all of which can be assigned to nearly any parameter.

The module uses a non-volatile memory to store the 100 presets (stored on a microSD card) and supports the select bus protocol. Shakmat promises that Ballista Blast gives you a wide range of timbres. From analog squelchy basslines to complex digital textures, and from mellow harmonic tones to harsh chaotic sounds.

Bishop's Miscellany mk2

Shakmat Bishop’s Miscellany mk2

Then, say hi to the successor of the Bishop’s Miscellany module, which is a new MK2 version (14HP) packed with new features. For all the fans of the OG module, yes, the intuitive CV/gate recorder with its “instant riff maker” DNA approach is still on board. There is more to explore.

Firstly, a sequence processor with glide, ratchet, CV modulation, and gate length has been added. Of course, these processes can be recorded for creating more dynamic sequences.

The module also has new special algorithms dedicated to sequence generation and regeneration. The new (re)gen feature offers a plethora of tools to create or manipulate musical patterns originally. 

Another cool new functionality is the option to store recorded sequences on a microSD card. The Bishop’s Miscellany mk2 features a tracker-like grid, providing the ability to arrange stored sequences for song composition or organizing a live set. As with all the latest Shakmat modules, the Bishop’s Miscellany mk2 supports the select bus protocol.

Shakmat Griffin’s Claws

Besides the Shakmat Ballista Blast and Bishop’s Miscellany mk2, there is also the new Griffin’s Claws (12HP) for Superbooth 24. Great name tbh. It’s a new 12HP attenuator module with recording functionality; The module hosts four recordable attenuators with offset normalization, linear or logarithmic response, and cascade mix.

Griffin’s Claws is a versatile to that can be used for a large range of applications: CV attenuation animation, atypical modulation signals, automated audio mix,…

To spice things up, the Griffin’s Claw can be synced to external clock signals, allows control of recording rates and amplitudes, provides gate outputs linked to fader movements, and supports the select bus protocol with up to 16 presets. And, of course, it attenuates. 

Superbooth 24 Skakmat News: First Impression

Three exciting new Shakmat modules for the Superbooth 24. I find the hybrid voice the most exciting here because it combines digital and analog elements. The MK2 upgrade for the Bishop’s Miscellany also looks neat.

Shakmat will have a booth W430 at Superbooth 24 this week. The modules availability any prices are TBA.

More information here: Shakmat Modular

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  1. There is something adorable about all-in-one synth voices. Especially now that they offer more than a simple VCO/VCF/VCA.

    Also wanted to say thank you Tom for the Superbooth coverage. It’s always an interesting time for music production technology as we get a peek at upcoming gear. Cheers! To the future!

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