Superbooth 24: FCPro Audio Mixthesizer Jump, new live mixer for electronic music performances

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Superbooth 24: FCPro Audio announces the Mixthesizer Jump, a new high-quality mixer for electronic music performances.

Here is my first look video of the new Mixthesizer Jump live mixer. 

Article From May 12, 2024

Last year at SynthFest France 2023, I reported on the Italian company FCPro Audio, which presented a new mixer called Mixthesizer that can be freely configured in a web editor. This has been on the market for a few months.

For those who prefer to buy a finished product instead of customizing everything in detail, the company has something new in Berlin. For Superbooth 24, FCPro Audio announces the Mixthesizer Jump, a new synth-focused live mixer.

FCPro Audio Mixthesizer Jump

FCPro Audio Mixthesizer Jump

Francesco from FCPro Audio says it’s a live mixer “tailor-made for live electronic music performances.” Instead of modularity, the Mixthesizer Jump is a mixer that you can buy as is. But it does have some modularity. 

The new Jump version features four mono channels and four stereo channels, each freely routable to the buses (bus A and bus B) or directly to the master output. A dedicated microphone channel offers more versatility.

Each bus offers a 3-band equalizer (EQ) for shaping your sounds on the fly. The master signal then passes through a band isolator. Two of the four mono channels also include a low-cut filter, ideal for bass synths.

Additionally, two stereo channels can be used to connect turntables. It is handy for electronic musicians who perform with a hybrid setup with synths and DJ hardware.

According to FCPro Audio, a key feature is the PFL (Pre-Fader Listen) with a rotary control of the new Mixthesizer Jump. This allows artists to adjust sound levels in their headphones before integrating them into the main mix.

The new Mixthesizer Jump also offers two AUX sends for external effects. All this mixing technology is housed in a rock-solid case for easy transportation. Not to forget, FCPro Audio also added two expansion ports (A and B), allowing users to expand the mixer with new functionalities.

FCPro Audio Mixthesizer Superbooth 24

FCPro Audio Mixthesizer Custom & Eurorack Case

In addition to the new FCPro Audio Mixthesizer Jump, you can also check out the completely customizable Mixthesizer version on the Superbooth 24. You can tailor your custom mixer with up to 64 channels, 8 buses, and 8 AUX sends.

Further, they will also display the Mixthesizer Eurorack case, made of high-quality electronics and ships with an external transformer. “The Mixthesizer Eurorack case is the ideal choice for protecting and transporting your Eurorack modules with safety and style, says FCPro Audio.

First Impression

Good to see that there will soon be a Mixthesizer version that you don’t have to configure yourself. Although I find the idea of FCPro Audio and the Mixthesizer Custom very practical. This way you can assemble exactly the mixer you need.

FCPro Audio Mixthesizer Jump availability and price TBA. The Mixthesizer Custom will be manufactured on demand in Italy. FCPro Audio will have a booth (W325) at Superbooth 24.

More information here: FCPro Audio

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