Intellijel Metropolix, Own Ryk M-185 Sequencer Interpretation Reinvented

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Intellijel Metropolis, successor of the hands-on RYK M-185 inspired Metropolis sequencer now with 2 tracks, deeper sequencing tool, modulations & more.

Sequencers in Eurorack should be simple and intuitive. If this is too heavy and very menu-driven, you quickly lose interest in programming sequences. In the last few months, there have been some nice approaches to optimize sequencers for performances. The Black Sequencer from Erica Synths is one of the newest here that goes this way.

Yesterday, Intellijel, quite surprisingly, made its contribution to this subject. Metropolix is a further development of their popular Metropolis module, which is inspired by the RYK M-185, a sequencer in the Roland System 100m format. The original, as well as the Metropolis, are so popular because they are hands-on, performance-optimized and have many interesting melodic features such as pulses aka ratcheting. Everything you love in the two modules is back in the Metropolix, and much more.

Intellijel Metropolix

Intellijel Metropolix

Visually it is reminiscent of its predecessor, but a lot has been changed inside. Metropolix remains a powerful multitrack Eurorack sequencer. Multitrack is here the keyword. Metropolix now features two tracks, each with pitch and gate outputs. You can either use both tracks together, i.e. both are variants of a master pitch/gate sequencer. Or you can split them up into two individual tracks. They can be programmed with the pitch sliders, pulse count, and gate type switch.

Each of these tracks has its own playback order, sequence length, clock division, swing amount, slide, and track gate lengths. Plus you have additional track-based sequence variables (sequence note range, track transposition…) and multiple lanes of per-stage playback parameters including ratchet count, probability, and more. This is just a small overview of what you have per track. These invite you to create very varied tracks, complex polyrhythms, and more.

Then, you have eight modulation lanes where each lane has 8-stages of modulation values. Each lane has its own playback order, length, and clock division. You can use these to modulate parameters externally via the two assignable outputs or to animate sequencer settings. This once again expands the sequencing possibilities of Metropolix.

Loopy, Three AUX Inputs, & Two CTRL Knobs

Another highlight is a new loopy mode that allows you to instantly playback sort sub-sequences. With this you can bring instant variety to your sequences.  Metropolix features three AUX inputs for external modulation of user-assignable sequencer parameters. Two additional assignable CTRL knobs give you direct access to the parameters you want to adjust during a performance. So you always have the two most important parameters in front of you and you don’t get lost in the menu.

Metropolix also has an internal memory with storage for up to 64 presets (8 banks of 8 presets) achieved via EPROM. This ensures that your MP will always power up exactly as you left it. No saving necessary, that’s super handy.

The new Metropolis, eh Metropolix looks adorable. It’s a nice further development of the most popular Eurorack sequencer. A bit of a shame that there are only two tracks. But I think more tracks would have required more menu diving. The Intellijel developers wanted to avoid that here too. Very very interesting. I’m a big fan of the vintage Roland sequencer myself. This idea has now been perfected here and put once again on steroids. Great job.

Intellijel Metropolix is available soon for $579 USD. The Gate Expander with eight additional gate/trigger outputs cost $69 USD.

More information here: Intellijel 

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