Noise Lab First 6 Analog Eurorack Modules Are Now Available

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Noise Lab, a new Swedish company debuts on the Superbooth 20 Home Edition with 6 new analog Eurorack modules each with an interesting feature set

For the Superbooth 2020 Home Edition, I reported about the new Swedish company Noise Lab that presented six fully-analog Eurorack modules. All six modules are now available from dealers, including a new sound demo.

News From April 7, 2020

When I went through the list of participating manufacturers of the Superbooth 20 Home Edition, I noticed Noise Lab a new developer company from Stockholm (Sweden). They are currently working on their first 6 Eurorack modules. all with a very striking silver/black/red finish. Sure, these are renders but they look very nice or?

In the pipeline is an analog VCO (Prime Mover), waveshaper (wrinkler), interpolating scanner (Fourcaster), VCF (Beautifier), envelope generator (Contourist) and dual linear VCA (Augmentor).

Noise Lab

Oscillator, Waveshaper & Scanner

Prime Mover is a CEM3340 chip-based analog VCO (16HP width) with four waveform outputs (saw, triangle, pulse, and sine), each with an individual CV-controllable waveshaper that expands the sonic possibilities. This creates more advanced waveforms: double saw, folded triangle, double pulse, and folded sine. . With the Wave Cycle knob, you can control all waveshapers simultaneously or modulate it with CV. A fifth output provides a square-based sub-octave that goes one or two octaves below the main pitch. Further to know: control with 1V/octave, hard & soft sync, linear exponential frequency modulation (FM) via dedicated inputs, portamento/glide. Additionally, there is a dedicated output to pass on the CV signal if you want to hock up a second oscillator.

Wrinkler is a wavefolder and creaser in one 16HP module that are both controllable via knobs and CV. A highlight of this module is that the wavefolder works not only with sine or triangle waveforms (low harmonic content) but with any waveform you feed into it. An offset function adds some extra sonic abilities to the mix. It features two outputs, one with the folded signal and one for the “squarified” pulse train which is perfect for creating harsh, metallic, and “digital sounding” waveforms. Wrinkler lets you blend the input sound with the folded content through the dry level knob. So you can preserve the low frequencies (fundamental) of the original sound.

Fourcaster (12HP) is a versatile 4-channel analog crossfader/interpolating scanner that allows you to mix four separate input signals, manually or by CV. With the CV-controllable Channel Scan knob, you can seamlessly morph from one to another signal and a LED indicates you which one is active. The All Channel knob & CV input, however, controls all channels simultaneously with which you can expand the sound shaping options. An additional window knob lets you expand the transition windows a bit between the channels.

noise lab

Filter, Envelope & Dual VCA

Beautifier (12HP) is an OTA-based filter that features two switches that let you choose between lowpass/bandpass and between a 24dB or 12dB slope. The filter can self-oscillate and offers two attenuated CV inputs for frequency cutoff and resonance. According to the developers, it can sound smooth/creamy to raw/screamy. So everything we expect from a flexible filter.

Contourist (8HP) is an envelope generator with three outputs (one inverted) and three different ranges: short & snappy (50 msec) to several minutes long. The module includes four knobs to control the ADSR behavior which also can be re-triggered/looped simply by the flip of a switch. In LOOP mode, Attack and Decay knobs determine the CV contour

Augmentor (8HP) is a dual linear VCAs that can be used to control audio or voltage. It can also be employed as a signal splitter (VCA 2 is normaled to the output of VCA 1) and works with voltage peaks spanning from 5V to 10V.  The Mod Level amplifies or attenuates the CV signal and the overall amplification is therefore determined by the combination of the Mod Level and Out Level knobs.

The individual modules cannot be heard at the moment, but the developer has a demo online that shows the modules at a very early stage.

According to Noise Lab, the modules are in production and will be available very soon. The prices are the following: Prime Mover (335€/3500 SEK), Wrinkler (240€/2500 SEK), Fourcaster (210€/2200 SEK), Beautifier (165€/1700 SEK), and Contourist & Augmentor are each (125€/1300 SEK).

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