AMSynths plans to release 10 lost ARP 2500 modules in 2024

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 AMSynths has announced plans to release 10 more ARP 2500 modules from the past in 2024, including a lost 8-band filter bank.

The ARP 2500 is a legendary modular Synthesizer that is very rare. In collaboration with engineer Rob Keeble from AMSynths, Behringer revived some modules of this epic instrument for Eurorack in 2021 for little money. They released 10 modules in total, most of which are well under 100€ per module.

There are no current plans to add new modules to the BARP 2500 series. AMSynths, however, is continuing and will release 10 more modules from the ARP 2500 series in 2024. Some have already been published. 

AMSynths ARP 2500

AMSynths ARP 2500 Modules

According to Rob Keeble of AMSynths, the designs are inspired by the aborted ARP plans to introduce more 2500 modules in 1970, as well as to expand the sequencer hub system. He describes that the modules re-imagine the lost 2500 modules. So it’s hard to talk about clones/replicas because they never existed. 

Ten new ARP 2500 Eurorack modules will augment the current lineup of Behringer 2500 Eurorack modules. Three of them are already available or are nearing completion

One of these is the AM1035 Triple Modulator & Mix (14HP) with three discrete four-quadrant modulators that provide ring modulation, mixing, and VCA capabilities.

The AM1042 Triple VCA offers three transistor voltage-controlled amps with both AC and DC coupled inputs. Each channel has a selectable linear or exponential characteristic and an independent gain control. This module is also ready to go.

AMSynths ARP 2500 modules

The third module that is nearing completion is the AM1031 Multipurpose Filter that takes inspiration from the Aries 327 state variable filter module designed by Dennis Colin around late 1975.

It offers five filter modes (LP, HP, BP, Notch, and Peak) that were planned for the ARP 1031. It has classic filter controls (cutoff, resonance) and two CV inputs for frequency cutoff modulation.

In Development

The remaining modules are still in development and will be released throughout 2024, including the AM1013 Fixed Filter Bank, which is based on an ARP 2500 prototype.  It has a bank of eight bandpass filters with fixed frequencies and fixed Q that are set an octave apart.

The AM1026 module then provides 16 preset voltages in 2 channels, a preview button for each row, and eight position gate inputs on the front panel. It’s a good pair with the Behringer 1027 sequencer. 

Next, we have the AM1028 Slave module, which replicates one column of the original ARP module with eight-step positions driven by the gate position bus. It is also a neat expansion of the Behringer 1027 sequencer.

Further, there is the AM1032 Mixer & Distributor, also inspired by an ARP prototype. It hosts eight VCA channels each with external voltage control and manual gain control. You can use it as a CV-controllable 8-into-1 audio mixer or as eight individual VCAs.

More AMSynths ARP 2500 Modules

The AM1037D is a dual voltage-controlled envelope generator with two identical ADSR envelopes, with stage timing between 3ms and 10 seconds. It also has linear and exponential settings. Each stage of each ADSR can be manually tweaked and voltage-controlled.

Another new “lost” module is the AM1044. It was never planned to be released but was found in the Dennis Colin documents. The module uses a triangle core that produces various waveforms and offers sync in/sync out, PWM, and two FM inputs. It also has a LFO mode.

Last but not least, we have the AM1406 Quad Envelope Generator module that replicates the original module but with added features. It has four independent envelopes, featuring two different types: 1) attack, initial decay, sustain, final decay 2) delay, attack, initial decay, sustain, final decay.

According to AMSynths, they improved the circuits, allowing you to create faster and shorter envelopes than on the original unit. There will also be an expander that adds a full set of sustain and trigger inputs, and the inverted versions of channel 2 and 4.

First Impression

The 10 available Behringer 2500 modules are of very special interest due of its feature set. I’m pleased to see that AMSynths is now continuing the series with new modules, also at very good prices. 

The new AMSynths ARP 2500 replica/clone modules will be available in 2024. The AM1035 is available now for £149, the AM1042 for £129, and the AM1031 for £139. 

More information here: AMSynths

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