BEHRINGER Plans To Jump Into The Eurorack Module Market! First Renderings Released

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This BEHRINGER news will polarize musicians again. Some will love them, others will hate them. The company announced today that they plan to jump into the Eurorack module market. For this purpose, the company ask in the community what they want. The company’s aim is to launch modules that are very affordable like already their complete semi-modular systems. They should range between 49€ and 100€.

For this new project, BEHRINGER remains faithful to their concept and builds modules from the past (vintage clones). For example, Uli Behringer published renderings on Gearslutz showing replicas of the famous Roland 100M system.

How Do I Think About This News?

A bit torn. With these modules, BEHRINGER will certainly enlarge the market for Eurorack and broaden it. Many musicians can thus buy a Eurorack system and don’t need to spend tons of money for it. It will expand the user share. This will also help some smaller companies because BEHRINGER will not offer everything for your sound design dreams.

On the other hand, one has to keep in mind that the market consists mainly of small companies. This can lead to different companies being cut off from the market as they sell less. For this reason, I advise the many small cool companies to produce specific modules that includes their own ideas. Since BEHRINGER is a company that can clone very good vintage synths (Model D per example), i don’t recommend smaller brands to publish oscillator or filter replicas of older products. Be creative and brings something new exciting to the market.

What Uli Behringer Said In The Gearslutz Forum?

As you are aware, many of our synthesizers such as Model D, Neutron, Pro-1 etc. have been designed to be used as standalone instruments but also to fit the hugely popular Eurorack format. Many of you have now requested for us to build individual Eurorack modules, powered Eurorack cases and especially bring back some of the legacy modular systems. At the same time we also thought about inviting all designers and engineers among you to participate in this initiative. 

The goal would be to build a wide range of modules and – as usual – at very affordable prices (target prices US$ 49-99) which would allow us to open this market and get as many people as possible into synths and making music. 

Our synth teams are very excited about this potential direction and would love to hear your opinion.

  • Are you interested in Eurorack systems?
  • What modules would you like us to make?
  • What legacy modular systems would you like us to make?
  • What accessories do you require?

Our team has done renderings of potential Eurorack modules related to the legacy 100M system. We believe we could produce them for around US$ 100 each, of course provided there is enough interest.Some of you have rightfully pointed out that this is not a commercially viable market segment for any large manufacturer.  However since synthesizers are a huge passion of mine, this is a wonderful and personal journey to embark on projects that hopefully deliver some customer happiness and get more people into synths .So far we have learned that people like to be able to obtain legacy systems at very affordable prices as well as new and innovative products. As you are aware this is exactly in line with our vision for our standalone synths. Equally we believe that offering complete and fully assembled Eurorack systems as well as individual modules is the way to go as it allows for maximum flexibility. In fact one of the renderings contains a small system.

Source: Gearslutz Forum 



  1. He sure is slick with the marketing text. Does anyone believe that the true goal of that corporation and man are to “open this market (what does that mean in this context?- my insertion) and get as many people as possible into synths and making music.”

    I’d like to see the audio industry press take a stand and ‘blank out’ reporting on this company. Roland already has a going concern with Eurorack and System 100 based modules via Darkplace Manufacturing in the way of the 500-series.
    I guess they’ve already factored in how much of an ‘undisclosed sum’ they will have to pay due to them already having settled with Roland once over the pedals.

    A lack of ethical behavior should be challenged. Let’s not indulge the selfish trope of “they make things accessible for the cash-strapped musician”. There’s always a price to pay even if it isn’t up front at the cash register.

    Black out this company. Stop reporting on them and giving them free ad space.

  2. i would especially would like ADSR, AD/AR, VCA and mixers , lots matrix and sereom, voltage and audio. . Try tp upsize the controls. How about a 5U adaptor. There are some things that I won’t get in Euro some things need scale and you don’t need to do everything..
    Make a Polyfusion AS1 with the Quantizer
    Serge TKB is a nice bit of kit
    I wouls so love and SH5, Sh7, The Crumar DS1 is at the top pf my disires for a monosynth.
    If I may suggest an entirely new instrument , A combo organ or electric pano, selectable by turning their envelope on and off. You could could make it a multi waveform generator but an adjustable square wave that I could run into fx would be the most useful piece of gear I could have. a small sequencer pots only, 5-8 notes. .you could make it into your utility Midi controller if needs must. sybnths abnd FX are coming toigether
    If you can jeep the prices where you say. I wouould buy two and a spare minimumof everything.

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