Superbooth 24: Morphor Echo, new analog quad tap BBD stereo delay and Sequencer modules

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Superbooth 24: Morphor announces two new modules: Echo analog quad tap BBD stereo delay with extensive voltage control and a new sequencer

In April, I visited the Belgian company Morph at their stand at Synthfest France 2024. They didn’t want to reveal what was coming on Superbooth 24 at that time.

The Superbooth 24 is almost a week old, and we now know what Morphor had presented there. It’s a new, exciting BBD echo and a prototype of a compact sequencer. 

Morphor Echo

Morphor Echo

Echo is a new 20HP analog quad-tap stereo delay module powered by four 4096-stage BBD delay lines.  The delay time can be adjusted with a knob on the front panel going up to 2000ms/ 2 seconds of delay. Alternatively, you can tap the tempo into the module using the button.

It also has a sync for quantized or continuous) and is fully controllable with CV. You also get a tempo output.  Morphor’s new echo module also has internal feedback with an accessible feedback loop via a dedicated input jack. 

Then, it comes with three interesting panning modes: classic ping pong and more unique traverse and chaos.  One of the highlights is the extensive CV options of the Morphor Echo module. Almost everything is CV controllable and offers a dedicated attenuator. 

Cool, each tap also has an independent mono output while the tape 4 and dry/mix outputs are in stereo. 

Morphor Sequencer

Morphor Sequencer

In addition to the new Morphor Echo, the developers previewed a new compact module.  It’s a new 4HP CV/gate sequencer with four customizable track outputs: 1 gate – 3 CVs, 2 gates – 2 CVs , 3 gates – 1 CV, or 4 gates.

Each track can host up to 256 steps, 16 steps per pattern, and up to 16 steps per pattern. You can also adjust the gate length.  Further, it runs with the internal clock or can be clocked externally. The feature set also includes a handy chord mode for the 1 gate—3 CV output setup. 

Of course, you can also save and load tracks from the module’s memory. On the connection side, it has a clock and reset input, and four assignable outputs.

First Impression

Nice new modules. The Quad Echo looks very interesting, I’m very curious about the final version. 

Morphor Echo will be available in August 2024 for 399€. The new Sequencer availability and price are TBA. 

More information here: Morphor 

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