Superbooth 24: Dreadbox releases new 70HP powered case for Eurorack

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Superbooth 24: Dreadbox has released a new 70HP affordable lightweight powered case for Eurorack with eight power rails.

Superbooth 24 hasn’t started yet, but the news is already coming in. Dreadbox will also have a booth in Berlin this year. 

Today they introduced a new portable Eurorack powered case. 

Dreadbox 70HP Powered Case

Dreadbox 70HP Powered Case

The new Dreadbox case has 70HP of space for modules. Its aluminum construction makes it a super lightweight powered modular case (0.79 kg – 361mm X 154mm X  68mm) ideal for traveling and easily fits in any backpack.

It features eight power sockets, giving you enough space to create a compact system. If eight rails are not enough, you can expand it with a ribbon chain. The built-in power system has 1,5A at +12 and 1A at -12 (max combined for both +/-12 is 1,5A).  A 5V pipeline is not available.

According to Dreadbox, modules can have a maximum depth of 40mm. This should be enough for most modules. Of course, a Doepfer module from the early days doesn’t fit in. It also ships with a 15VDC universal power adapter. 

Chromatic Modules In Black?

Dreadbox has published a short video on Instagram about the new 70HP powered case release. This showcase unit is filled with the popular Chromatic modules. Interestingly, these are not the regular ones but blackened ones.

Update: there is a new module called Emphasis which offers a sequencer and a dual envelope. Sounds interesting.

Dreadbox 70HP Powered Case

It is unknown whether the modules will be available in this black version, but I hope so because they look lovely. 

First Impression

A neat new portable case from Dreadbox. I hope we see more news from them for Superbooth 24.

The Dreadbox 70HP powered case is now available for 139€ + VAT. The booth is at W410.

More information here: Dreadbox 

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  1. Dreadbox Emphasis Seq/Dual Envelope? Is that new? Interesting. Glad the Chromatic line is still going. Quality designs.

  2. Erm…..
    Look at that first module, that’s not just a blackened one, that’s a new one!

  3. Hi, FYI, this case does not have “eight power rails”, it only has two, a +12 and a -12. It has eight power sockets but those are not individual “rails”. Not sure how I feel about the lack of a +5V rail, but the price is certainly a bit cheaper than alternatives like the 4ms 64 HP POD or a Tall Dog 64 HP Skiff.

    P.S. if you want to make a correction in the article and not publish this note, that is fine with me.

    • no problem to publish it. Dreadbox described it as 8 rails but yeah it’s 8 sockets 🙂

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