Make Noise discontinued Erbe-Verb experimental Eurorack reverb module

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Make Noise discontinued its best-selling Erbe-Verb experimental Eurorack reverb module, which was made in collaboration with Tom Erbe of Soundhack.

Superbooth 24 is history. With over 200 manufacturers, it was the largest edition to date. However, well-known companies such as Noise Engineering, Teenage Engineering, and Make Noise were missing. 

The latter released two new modules shortly before the start. One famous is now being taken off the market: the uber popular Erbe-Verb reverb module.

Make Noise Erbe-Verb

Make Noise Erbe-Verb

Make Noise announced this discontinuation after ten years on the market in a new YouTube video.

The Erbe-Verb is being retired! To celebrate its legacy we have produced one last run of Erbe- Verbs in Black & Gold faceplates. Contact your favorite Eurorack shop to order yours today!

Erbe-Verb is a fascinating mono-in stereo-out stereo reverb with an experimental character. The code was written by Tom Erbe from Soundhack, who also created unique FX plugins. 

What’s special about the Erbe-Verb is that it’s a reverb that can be explored smoothly like a Synthesizer. So, it is not like a classic reverb with endless algorithms to choose from, hundreds of Grammy-award presets, etc.

By simply tweaking the knobs (size, speed, pre-delay, absorb, decay…), you can explore a variety of different reverb tones. Using control voltage, you can dive into the vast depths of the Erbe-Verb, which is really fun. All this morphing smoothly. 

Sure, you can use it as a standard room reverb, but that’s only the classic sonic territory of Make Noise and Soundhack’s module. Where it shines are the unusual reverb sounds. For example, you can archive dramatic atmospheres and crazy space reverbs or use the Erbe-Verb as a drum synth.

Erbe-Verb II In The Development? 

No! Make Noise added the info that there is no successor in development. 

For those who have been asking, we do not currently have a successor to the Erbe-Verb in development. Thank you for your interest and we hope all the Erbe-Verbs in the world continue to be played in their happy homes!

But I am sure that we will see a new stereo reverb from Make Noise in the future. It will probably have a different code and vibe, a bit like what Mutable Instruments did with the Clouds.

Beads is a spiritual successor but not a 1-to-1 successor because Clouds and Beads are two very different modules. So, I think Erbe-Verb will also eventually get a spiritual successor with a new original concept and code. 

If you still want an Erbe-Verb, you still have the opportunity. A final batch is currently being delivered to the retailers in the Black & Gold edition. After that, it’s over. 

The last Make Noise Erbe-Verb batch (Black & Gold) is available now for $489 USD/549€. 

More information here: Make Noise 

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