Oddment Audio Groc, new desktop hardware granular Synthesizer, ready for pre-order New demos

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Oddment Audio Groc is a new desktop hardware granular Synthesizer with a hands-on user interface and CV connectivity.

Update: The Groc granular Synthesizer/sampler is now ready for pre-order.  

Oddment Audio Groc

Confirmed Features

  • 12+ simultaneous voices 
  • new granular sound engine with oversampling for high-quality manipulation of time and pitch 
    • groc “time path” adjusts the playback speed independently in different note regions (attack, decay, sustain, release) to move through audio samples in new ways
    •  common granular synthesis parameters 
    • filtering and binaural spatialization at a grain level
    • unique chordal, rhythmic, and arpeggiation features
  • 16 easy-to-access modulation sources and 100+ destinations 
  • 4 multi-wave LFOs and unique controls
  • 3 ADSR envelopes + 1 time path 
  • 4 analog control inputs 
  • MIDI
  • 2 filters in series/parallel or split mode Multi-mode resonant filters (low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop, low shelf, high shelf, all pass).
  • Saturation, distortion, compression and limiting can be inserted in multiple places in the effect processing chain
  • 2 echo paths with series, parallel, split and ping-pong modes, including filters and saturation within the feedback loop 
  • harmonizer within the echo paths 

You must deposit $100 (fully refundable) to get on the list for the synth. The final price will be $795 + tax + shipping, and shipping starts in early 2025.



Update From April 15, 2024

The development of the upcoming Groc is still in full swing. Here are new demos that show the stereo granular sampler in action


Article From February 15, 2024

Update: I added some extra info to the features. 

2023 was the year of the new hardware or software granular synthesizers. As many as last year have never been presented or released: Tempera, Sonicware Texture Lab, Qu-Bit Mojave, or the GR-Mega. I’m sure in 2024, we will see many other granular synths. 

It starts with Groc from the new company Oddment Audio. This is still in development and will come onto the market soon. 

Oddment Audio Groc

Oddment Audio Groc

Groc is a new compact, desktop granular Synthesizer that focuses on hands-on operation.  The hardware has 16 encoders that each control a primary engine function but also a secondary one. This is probably archived with a shift button. There is also a touch screen for real-time feedback on your sounds.

The core (quad-core ARM Cortex A-72… 1GB RAM + 4GB of user storage) uses a custom, newly developed granular sampler engine. The maximum number of grains is unknown at this point, but they have created custom grain-level filtering that sounds beautiful. It’s not all about the grain number, says the dev in a inquiry 

It is fully controllable from the hardware, including grain position, size, overlap, and shape. Part of the granular engine is also a sampler with customizable playback speed, audio editing function like croping and loop points settings, and more.

Then, you get a hands-on filter with cutoff and resonance and additional drive and linearity as secondary controls on the hardware. 

All this is supported by a solid modulation engine with various modulation sources: four multi-wave LFOs, four envelopes, MIDI velocity, key tracking, polyphonic AT, custom modulation curves, and more. According to the developer, you can modulate every parameter of the Groc synth.

Additionally, you get three macro controls and a morphing function to morph between patches with just eight more encoders. It will also include effects: a harmonizer, tape echo, shimmer reverb, and more. Plus, you get a multi-track looper, arpeggiator, sequencer, and more. 


On the back, it includes a phone socket, a line in/out, a USB-C port with audio over USB (confirmed), a power on/off button, MIDI in/out on minjacks, and two CV control sockets. The latter are very interesting.

You can set these ports up as CV outputs powered by the internal modulation engine, or you can route in CV and modulate Groc’s parameter with sources from other synths like Eurorack synths.

First Impression

A nice granular Synthesizer awaits us there. I’m curious how deep it goes and whether the operation is really so hands-on. I like the compact design and what I have heard so far. I am looking forward for more details.

Oddment Audio Groce is in development. Availability is estimated for the end of 2024, and the price is TBA. The developers estimated a first price point around Superbooth 24.

More information here: Oddment Audio 

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  1. Looks cool, but it’s going to need some nice features (or a nice price) to distinguish it from the other granular options we seem to be swimming in these days like the Torso S-4, Tempera, GR-MEGA, Lemon Drop, and a whole whack of Eurorack modules I refuse to look at because there’s no way I’m going down that particular rabbit hole. Maybe since it’s running on a Pi, we’ll see some open source or custom firmware.

    I LOVE that we’re seeing a granular renaissance. It’s always been underutilized. (Probably because it’s hard to wrap your head around and/or get useful, tonal sounds out of it. Easy to get crazy soundscapes, though!)

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