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Superbooth 24: Love Synthesizers, a new Icelandic company, will showcase First Love Synthesizer, turning FM synthesis and wave morphing into a fun experience.

There was great interest in the First Love synthesizer last week. The developer and founder, Kári Halldórsson, contacted me and gave me additional information. It is important to say that FLS won’t be a handheld synth; it will be a tabletop device with a 19 x 24 cm footprint and a 7″ touchscreen.

According to the developer, it will have a feature-rich hands-on FM synthesis engine with four simultaneous mono or polyphonic timbres, each playable through a separate or same MIDI channel. So you can archive multi-timbral or stacked sounds.

First Love Synthesizer

4 Layers – 4-Operator FM Synths

Each timbre is a 4-operator FM synth where users can create their own algorithm on the screen. All operations are done through the graphical touchscreen interface, with most options also editable with the buttons and rotary knobs, says the dev.

Then, it hosts a morph envelope where the user designs the journey of each note through time. The user creates snapshots of the sound where any of the operators’ values are set at points in time. These values are then morphed easily throughout the lifetime of each note, either fast, for sudden changes and attack, or over long periods of time for slowly evolving sounds.

Besides this, each operator will have a dynamic wave folder operation and a calculation that tweaks the sine towards a square wave. These variables are applied to the operator wave before it either modulates or is modulated by another operator. So the synth is capable of FM, additive synthesis, or a mix of both.

First Love Synthesizer

Each timbre also has an amp envelope, and a mixer controls the overall sound of all timbres. According to the developer, it will also host an effect section and a built-in player/looper. 

On the connection side, the alpha/prototype version will have two mono full-size jack outputs, DIN-5 MIDI-IN and MIDI-THRU, and a USB-C connector. But these can change. A built-in speaker and headphone output (stereo mini jack) are also in the works.

First Love Synthesizer is not in production yet. On Superbooth 24, they will show an alpha/prototype version to give users an idea of the synth. Later this year or early 2025, they will announce a price and begin pre-sale. Shipping in 2025. 


Article From May 3, 2024 

It’s the same procedure every year. A few weeks before the Superbooth, I scroll through the list of manufacturers to see who will be there. There seem to be a lot of new companies this year. Yesterday, we saw one of them,Cyma Forma from France. 

Another one is Love Synthesizers, a new Synthesizer start-up company in Iceland. According to the Superbooth manufacturer list, they will unveil their first synth, First Love Synthesizer. 


First Love Synthesizer

The full feature set of the FLS is not yet known, but the first info can already be seen on the official developer website.

First Love Synthesizer is a compact digital Synthesizer offering a touch-screen interface with animated graphics, four knobs, and buttons. The knobs that have the letters LOVE engraved on them are very striking

It looks like it also has a built-in speaker on the left side. FTL reminds me of a Gameboy à la Teenage Engineering.

Love Synthesizers First Love Synthesizer

The core of First Love Synthesizer uses FM synthesis with wave morphing. Love Synthesizers promises FM synthesis in an intuitive, limitless, and free-flowing manner not available in any other hardware FM synth you have used.

That sounds interesting, as FM synthesis is always seen as complicated and not very enjoyable. We will see how the engine is implemented in the unit at Superbooth 24 at the latest.


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Stay tuned for more information. It looks like a lovely, fun device. 

Love Synthesizers First Love Synthesizer will be unveiled at Superbooth 24 at booth W250.

More information here: Love Synthesizers

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  1. Looks like AI-inspired, don’t know what to think about these weird designs that are just aestheric over function.

    • It looks like a care bear and a Gameboy had a child! I agree with your comment. I think that music is a serious subject.

      • I disagree. I think music should be fun. People are so diverse and so are creators, the market should reflect the populus. I will buy this device if it’s at a price point that is reasonable and I will share it with my children who are also creators. The right tools in the right hands

    • What do you mean aesthetic over function? Have you tried it? Or are you just making baseless assumptions?

  2. We’ll see. Most of these devices are coming out way overpriced especially if their going for the TE vibe.

  3. Love the design. But in the end I wonder what you get for which price. Hopefully the Superbooth will give answer.

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