Metasonix Is Working On A New Monophonic Vacuum Tube Synthesizer

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Metasonix is currently working on a new monophonic Vacuum Tube Synthesizer that you can even hear in a first demo.

Metasonix is probably “the” company if you want really characterful dirty sound. In the desktop area, there was the S-2000, which was a really cool dirty Synthesizer. Much has not been heard of Eric Barbour, the brain behind the company until now. According to information from a new video on Vimeo, the developer is currently working on a new monophonic Synthesizer based on vacuum tubes.

It will feature three thyratron VCO’s, 15 tubes, and two completely different filters. Eric described the synth as a “goddamn” complicated device that will have a high price (not be cheapie-poo). In the demo, the whole thing sounds very crazy and curious as the synth finally looks.

Metasonix Tube Synthesizer

Eric Barbour (Metasonix) writes about this project

This is the THIRD major revision of this monosynth project. So many problems with previous PCB versions that we went with some RK modules instead, to save some pain. Two completely different filters. This will be a very goddamn complicated device and so it will not be cheapie-poo.

Three thyratron vcos, ten PC boards, and 15 tubes equals a certain level of assured misery. The almost “done” prototype is STILL not 100%. Two+ years of my life blown away so people can have a “flagship product” to talk about. Even if they don’t buy one—honestly I will be amazed if we sell five of them in this deeply saturated market.

And it is still a few months until the front panel is ready, and I still need to write an owners manual. At least it won’t sound like a goddamn Moog, ha ha ha. And it will be cheaper than a bloody Knifonium.

If you want to know more about the crazy and unique sound world of Metasonix with behind the scenes look, I recommend watching the mini-documentary from Waveshaper Media.

More information here: Metasonix website 

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