Superbooth 24: SoundForce Samples II, 5 triggerable sample playback channels on 4HP

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Superbooth 24: SoundForce releases Samples II, a new sound module with five triggerable, customizable sample playback channels on 4HP.

Berlin is calling! Superbooth 24 is just around the corner, and a lot of news is expected in the next few days that you can also see on-site. 

Nicolas Toussaint is a regular exhibitor with its company SoundForce at SB and has presented numerous products in recent years. Including boutique MIDI controllers for synths and Eurorack modules. For SB 24, he released a new useful sample-based module. 

SoundForce Samples II

Superbooth 24: SoundForce Samples II

Samples II is a compact 4HP sound module boasting five triggerable channels of sample playback. It is based on the same concept as their successful drum sampler modules, S-707 and S-909, but the main difference is that the slots host custom samples.

This makes the new USB port on the front panel possible. It’s straightforward: plug a USB stick into the socket and let flow almost limitless amounts of samples in your rack based on the size of your chosen USB drive. With 64GB, for example, you have enough samples for the next few months.

Primed for percussion, the channels exhibit ultra-low latency of 0.15ms, ensuring seamless sample firing even at high speeds. Yet, Samples II isn’t limited to drumming; it accommodates samples exceeding an hour in length, offering versatility to explore beyond traditional beats.

The module looks very inconspicuous but offers a very customizable engine. It provides various playback modes, including multi-sample modes, which allow you to assign multiple files to one channel. The system will play back a different file every time a trigger comes in. That sounds neat. 

Hidden Modulation

Playback modulation is also possible. There are no CV inputs, but SoundForce has created a workaround to modulate the playback speed for two channels. Patch an LFO into input 2, and you can modulate the playback speed of channel 1. The same applies to channels 3 and 4.

A simple text file can be used to set up deeper features like multi-sample setup or modulation.

On the connection side, each channel has its own trigger input and an audio output with the fifth working as a simple summing mixer for any unpatched output. Further, the USB port is designed for memory, and the little tactile switch for recalling your sample banks.

 Additionally, there is an auto-converter that scales audio files to 16-bit, 44.1kHz to achieve the best performance of the module.

First Impression

It’s a neat module that brings lots of new sounds into your rack. Either as a sound source for beats, a tool to play longer samples, or for other purposes. Another great addition to its sample-based module portfolio. 

SoundForce Samples 2 is available now for 199€ incl. 21% VAT on the official website and retailers like Perfect Circuit and Schneidersladen.

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