Superbooth 24: FrapTools Bagài and 411, new multi-function and quad linear VCA modules First Look

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Superbooth 24: FrapTools has announced Bagài and 411, a new analog multi-function module with sample & hold and a quad linear VCA. 

FrapTools has proven several times in recent years that not only good food but also high-quality Eurorack modules come from Italy. The last Superbooth showed the Cunsa quad analog filter with a flexible internal signal flow.

This year, the motto is: smaller but flexible. For Superbooth 24, FrapTools announced two new modules: Bagài and 411. 

FrapTools Bagài 411

FrapTools Bagài

Bagài is a new multi-function module consisting of an analog S&H generator, bit-crusher, and downsampler. That’s not all. Its sophisticated circuit allows for other functions, including fluctuating random voltages, colored noise, and clock bursts.

The module consists of six highly intertwined color-coded sections that make a lot of things possible due to its semi-normalled connections.

It starts with the green section, hosting a clock burst generator that generates super fast and unpredictable streams of gates. Clever, you can combine it with the main clock or any other trigger.

Next is the clock generator (yellow) with straight and random outputs. It has two main front panel controls: the first controls the time, and the second is a button that allows you to hold it. Plus, Bagài’s internal clock can switch to audio rate mode. This, combined with the S&H input, and you can turn the module into an analog downsampler.

FrapTools Bagài

Then, it hosts an analog noise generator (grey) with variable color that feeds the S&H circuit, creating random voltage streams. In white, you have the fluctuating random voltage generator taken from the Sapèl but in bipolar and extended range.

The orange and red sections offer two stepped S&H circuits (nonquantized/quantized) with an open input (semi-normally by default to an analog noise source). The quantized one (red) has a bit depth selection from 1 to 8 bits, which can be used to turn it into a warm bit-crush when using audio signals.

FrapTools 411

Besides the new intriguing Bagài module, FrapTools also announced the 12HP 411 module. It’s also a kind of multi-function module, as the circuit hides many surprises.

On the paper, it’s a quad DC-coupled linear VCA with semi-normalled inputs and CV inputs,−6 dB attenuation switches, a mixed output, and an unpatched output. It’s not just a VCA; it can also be used as a mixer and multiple for audio and CV signals.

There are many ways you can use it. FrapTools says: “processing four signals independently; modulating one signal with four CVS and sending it to four different destinations; mixing two audio signals and modulating them with a modulated CV, and more. 

First Impression

Two exciting new modules from FrapTools with very sophisticated, clever circuits. The new Bagài module is very tempting as it offers tons of functionality. 

FrapTools Bagài (250€ + VAT) and 411 (110€ + VAT) will be available soon. FrapTools will have a booth (at SB 24 t

More information here: FrapTools

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