Dualtrx Inconflict, New 15-Track Album Made Only With Hardware Gear

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Inconflict is the new album of Marian Cinugu aka Dualtrx that features 15 brand new electronic tracks, each with a video that shows the process.

One thing should be said: I report very little on music releases because as a solo operational website I don’t have the resources to cover all of them. Therefore I put my focus on gear-related news and less on music. . But it happens a couple of times a year that I cover a release. In this case, Dualtrx is a long-term supporter of the website

Dualtrx has today released Inconflict, a new album with 15 new tracks composed only with hardware music tools.

Dualtrx Inconflict

Press Releases

Born and raised in Bucharest, Marian Ciungu is a filmmaker and video editor with over 10 years of experience, a music producer and sound designer, and the founder of the first-of-its-kind Romanian event Bucharest Modular Meet, a popular gathering for synths aficionados that would have held its third edition in 2020.

Marian has been a technology addict ever since he can remember and has always considered himself a sort of geek. And it’s this exact affinity to geekdom that has made him pursue his passions in a thorough manner and allowed him to add various layers to his life, every single one involving creativity brought to life through technology.

In the past 15 years he’s also been a music producer and sound designer as part of a personal project called DUALTRX, which he’s been developing out of sheer passion. “INCONFLICT” is the producer’s fourth studio album and features 15 tracks with influences that range from musique concrète, industrial, electro, and trip-hop.

“In the past few years I’ve been inspired a lot by dawless music production and I found myself using the modular synthesizers setup more than ever” says DUALTRIX. “In Conflict is a demonstration of that approach and type of performance and marks a pretty drastic change in my sound from my previous releases. All the tunes on this album are made using only hardware synths, without using the DAW or any other software of that sort.”

The new DUALTRX album “INCONFLICT” is available now for streaming /download worldwide and is released by Romanian Indie label Underdog Records

Each of the 15 tracks also includes a video that features the producer’s impressive modular setup and offers a tiny insight into his creative process.

More information here: Dualtrx

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