Superbooth 24: Verbos Electronics Sawtooth Stack, Foundation oscillator-based synth voice with MIDI

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Superbooth 24: Verbos Electronics Sawtooth Stack is a new synth voice with MIDI based on the Foundation oscillator.

Superbooth 24 is already a week behind us, but there is still news that hasn’t been reported much—for example, the new module from Mark Verbos of Verbos Electronics.

For Superbooth 24, Verbos Electronics unveiled the Sawtooth Stack, a new synth voice for Eurorack.

Verbos Electronics Sawtooth Stack

Verbos Electronics Sawtooth Stack

Sawtooth Stack is a new analog west-coast synth voice based on Verbos’ Foundation oscillator. The latter is a compact VCO with a discrete transistor core.

The new Sawtooth Stack consists of an oscillator block with a harmonic section, two envelopes, and a VCA, turning it into a standalone synth. 

A special feature and novelty for a Verbos module is that the synth voice has an audio tune function and MIDI. We saw a similar function in the New Goodspeed performance oscillator from

The oscillator section consists of five foundation oscillators. The developers have taken over the harmonics section from the foundation oscillator that gives you various shaping options (richness, timbre, etc.). Plus, you get spread and unison functionality for fatter sounds.

On the left side, you have two envelopes with attack-decay characteristics each. They have a looping function that goes up to 500Hz. 

Connection side: Sawtooth Stack has CV control over almost every parameter. Some have an attenuverter. Further, you have a stereo output, making it a stereo oscillator

First Impression

Regarding features, it’s an exciting synth voice, especially because it’s a stereo synth voice. Unfortunately, the sound demos so far are a bit disappointing. I hope there will be better demos in the future.

Verbos Electronics Sawtooth Stack availability and price TBA.

More information will follow here: Verbos Electronics

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