New Behringer PCB Photo Released! TB-303 Clone For The Eurorack World?

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Behringer doesn’t stop teasing new upcoming releases and today released a new picture of a PCB. Will it be a TB-303 with full Eurorack compatibility?

That did not take long! After presenting four new products on the SuperBooth 2018 (RD-808, Odyssey, MS-101,Pro-One, VC-340), the next teaser for a new product is already released. It’s currently only a unknown PCB but it looks like it has many inputs/outputs (33) for the Eurorack world. You can only guess what it can be.

Behringer is better known for clones as completely new developments currently, so I guess it could be a TB-303 clone with more features and full connectivity for the Eurorack world. We can also see that it has on the left side two MIDI sockets. Since they have already introduced the RD-808, this would fit into the Roland clones series. What is the best companion of the 808 drum machine? Yes, a TB-303.


What it can be is just speculation. It can be a TB-303 or something completely different. In my opinion, it would fit in the series of new announced products on SuperBooth 2018. We will probably see it in the next few weeks/months what product it will be!

Neutron Production Update

As some have reported on Facebook, the first Neutron Synthesizer units have been delivered. Many orders have been moved from July to September where there is no precise information about the delays. Behringer has just posted a photo on Facebook that the production is going well. Once the company once again sells 20.000 units and more, as with the Model D, it can be understood that there are big delivery delays. For all of you who has not yet seen, the Neutron review is now available. A full written review is coming soon on this website.

More information here: BEHRINGER 

Source: Behringer FB 

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