Superbooth 24: Black Noise Modular intros Volt USB-C power and and Goma utility modules

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Superbooth 24: Black Noise Modular has introduced Volt 100, Volt 55, Goma Pro and Goma II, new power supply and utility modules for Eurorack.

Here is the stage for young companies. Black Noise Modular is a young Eurorack company from Dijon, France. Yes, the city of the excellent, hot mustard.

The company will exhibit at Superbooth in Berlin for the first time this year and showcase four all-new modules.

Black Noise Modular VOLT GOMA

Black Noise Modular Volt 100 & VOLT 55

It starts with two power solution modules from the new VOLT series. Black Noise Modular VOLT 100 is the “world’s first USB-C power supply made for Eurorack capable of delivering up to 100W. 

It is a very exciting module because you can use it to put together a super portable modular synth that is powered by a USB-C cable and a PD 3.0-compliant device (MacBook charger, power bank, etc.). It’s skiff-friendly (20mm) and offers your system plenty of juice: +12V: 5000mA, -12V: 2500mA, and +5V: 2000mA.

Black Noise Modular promises hours of endless fun with a single power bank. There will be a 3U 4HP and 1U 8HP version,

Then, the second module is called VOLT 55 and is another compact (4HP) USB-C power solution for Eurorack with space for up to 3 flying buses or one bus board. According to Black Noise Modular, it is designed to power systems up to 7U 104HP using a USB-C cable.

The core features are the same, but the specifications are slightly different. For example, the power distribution outputs +12V: 2500mA, -12V: 1250mA and +5V: 2000mA. Significantly less than the VOLT 100. But still enough for a good rack

Black Noise Modular VOLT GOMA

Black Noise Modular GOMA Pro & GOMA II

Enough with power, now we’re off to the utility area. We welcome two new members in the GOMA series. 

GOMA Pro (6HP) is a new multi-function module that hosts three channels of attenuverter, offset, and mixer capable of various high-precision and high-gain tasks.

The module can be an attenuator, attenuverter, voltage generator, offset generator, mixer, waveshaper, distortion, and more. Clever patching makes all this possible.

Further, GOMA II (4HP) is another very flexible multi-function module with four channels. Each channel can attenuate or polarize any audio or CV signal, work as a high-precision voltage generator for precise parameter control, or as a cascaded mixer.

Plus, you can daisy chained it with other modules from the GOMA family.

First Impression

Beautiful modules from France. I really like the VOLT series because they make modular synths very mobile. I’m excited to see how these perform. On the sheet, they look tempting

The Black Noise Modular Volt series is available now for pre-order. The new Goma series is out now. Black Noise Modular will have a booth (W477) at Superbooth 24. 

  • Volt 100: 269€ (DIY) and 319€ (assembled version)
  • Volt 55 starts at 199€
  • GOMA Pro: 59€ (DIY kit) and 139€ (built module) 
  • GOMA II: 49€ (DIY kit) and 109€ (built module) 

More information here: Black Noise Modular

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