Apple Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2 with new AI features, out now

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Apple has just announced Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2 with new AI features, new plugins… alongside new iPad hardware.

Last year, as a big surprise, Apple announced Logic Pro for iPad just before Superbooth 23. A step that many have been looking forward. A year has now passed since this and today the app is entering its second round.

Today in the afternoon, unusually for Apple, they unveiled the new iPad hardware generation. Among other things, an iPad Pro with the new Apple Silicon M4 chip with more power and a thinner design. At the same time, Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro 2 for iPad were also announced. 

Apple Logic Pro 11 Logic Pro 2 for iPad

Apple Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2

A bummer for synth heads: the new Apple Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2 will not include new synths, but there are other exciting tools to explore. AI power moves into LP11/LPFI2. This was to be expected with the massive emergence of AI in the past year.

Both new Logic Pro versions will introduce the new Session Players virtual instrument. Apple describes them as a personalized AI-driven backing band responding directly to feedback. It’s based on the concept of the generative drum instrument Drummer in LP but taken further. 

The new version ships with key improvements and new instruments. Apple expands the Drummer engine in Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2 with a new AI-driven virtual bass player and keyboard player.

Bass Player uses a sample-based AI engine that was trained in collaboration with today’s best bass players. It offers eight different bass players, each customizable with different simple (complexity, intensity) and advanced parameters (slides, mutes, dead notes, and pickup hits). 

Apple Logic Pro 11

With the chord progression, internal loops, and chord track functions, you can easily create entire songs from scratch.  Additionally, it features the new Studio Bass plugin, another virtual bass plugin with six meticulously recorded instruments. Great bonus.

Then, Keyboard Player offers the same depth as Bass Player. Here, you get four different styles trained in cooperation with top studio musicians. Apple says that it can play everything from simple block chords to chord voicing with extended harmony. 

On top of that, you get the new Studio Piano plugin, which allows you to dive deep into crafting your own piano sounds, including three mic positions, pedal noise, key noise, and more.

STEM Splitter

With the advent of AI, the topic of STEM separation has also become big, especially in the latest DJ software updates and the Akai product line. Now, this technology is also coming to Logic Pro 11 and Logic Pro for iPad 2. 

In the Apple sphere, the function is called Stem Splitter and allows the user to separate nearly any mixed audio recording into four distinct parts: drums, bass, vocals, and other instruments. Due of the processing, this feature requires an Apple product with an M processor.

Apple Logic Pro 11 Logic Pro for iPad 2


Another new addition to the new Logic Pro versions is the ChromaGlow plugin. Also only useable with the Macs and iPads with the M processors. It’s a new AI-driven effects plugin that models the sounds produced by a blend of the world’s most revered studio hardware 

It features five different saturation styles to add warmth, presence, and punch to any track. Users can also choose from modern clean sounds, nostalgic vintage warmth, or more extreme styles that can be shaped and molded to taste

Apple Logic Pro 11 First Impression

An excellent update for Apple Logic Pro. I find it crazy that this update to Logic Pro 11 is still free for existing Pro 10 users. I’m also happy to see that Logic Pro for iPad continues and gets better and better. 

Apple Logic Pro 11 for Mac and Logic Pro for iPad 2 will be available on May 13, 2024, as a free update for existing users. For new users, Logic Pro 11 costs  $199.99 and the iPad version is available as a subscription for $4,99 per month or $49 per year. 

More information here: Apple 

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  1. “Today in the afternoon, unusually for Apple…”
    It was like 9am here in California, not unusual at all.

      • No way, that’s 5pm here in CA, I’ve never, ever heard of an Apple product launch that wasn’t in the morning.
        Whatever, doesn’t matter 🤣

  2. Does anyone have anything to say about the story and Logic update or are you all just going to drone on time zones? I envy your patience, Tom.

    • I guess the lack of conversation about the updates says more than anyone saying anything about it. I’m happy for the stem separation since ive kept FL studio installed just for stem separation. Be interested in the players, I believe you can convert to midi and take it form there, but i could be wrong, havent used drummer much.
      I know logic is more of your standard DAW compared to ableton/bitwig but i woudld like more modulation options or maybe an easier way to send midi cc’s around. I dont really like the envelope modulator and got a bit spoiled using bitwig but i cant anything done there. So many sprinkles on the ice cream, I never eat it. Logic is baseline for me, timeline, tools, fx, mixer, i get things done. And the sequencer never hurt anyone. But the latest updates since the loops and sequencer havent been in my favor.

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