Doepfer’s New A-100 Slim Line Eurorack Modules Are Available Now

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Back at Superbooth 2019, Dieter Doepfer introduced the A-100 Slim Line, a new lineup of Eurorack modules with many functions on 4HP space including a new synth voice, filter, dual VCO, quad LFO and more.

Today, Doepfer announced the release of 7 of 8 Slim Line modules. The Synth Voice, which will be available for 180€, is not finished yet. Nice is here: all the 7 modules are offering the user classic bread and butter features (VCF, VCA, noise, LFO…) in a small format for little money. So perfect for modular musicians with a smaller budget or with less space.

Doepfer A-100 Slim Module


  • A-118-2: noise generator, random & S&H
  • A-121-3: 12dB multi-mode VCF based on the filter of the Dark Energy II/III but with voltage-controlled resonance & individual outputs
  • A-130-2: double voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) for audio & CV with linear/exponential setups & DC coupled inputs/outputs
  • A-138n: 4 channel mixer for audio and CV signals, each with an attenuator
  • A-138i: 4 channel mixer for audio and CV signals, each input has a mute switch as well as an attenuator. Two types of single outputs and dual mix output.
  • A-145-4: quad low-frequency oscillator (LFO) with triangle and rectangle
  • A-182-2: simple passive module that contains four changeover switches, which are used to connect or disconnect the sockets of the corresponding socket triplet.

Doepfer Slim Line modules (7 of 8) are now available worldwide for a price of:

  • A-118-2 Noise/Random  80€
  • A-121-3 Multimode VCF  100€
  •  A-130-2 Dual lin/exp. VCA  80€
  • A-138i Interrupting Mixer  80€
  • A-138n Mixer  50€
  • A-145-4 Quad LFO  80€
  • A-182-2 Quad Switch  60€

More information here: Doepfer


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