Superbooth 24: Ohm Force Ohmicide, Skrillex’s favorite stereo distortion now in Eurorack

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Superbooth 24: Ohm Force has announced Ohmicide Eurorack, a hardware modular version of its super popular distortion module.

The French developers of Ohm Force have been reticent in recent years. They are best known for the Ohmicide distortion plugin used by many producers (Skrillex…). At the end of last year, there was a sign of life in which they made all of their legacy plugins free. They also published a new one called Frohmager.

Now things are really moving. At Superbooth 24, Ohm Force will return to the focus with a Eurorack version of their Ohmicide distortion. 

Ohm Force Ohmicide Eurorack

Ohm Force Ohmicide Euroack

Ohmicide Eurorack, as the name suggests, is a hardware modular version of its super popular Ohmicide distortion effect plugin. It is a digital stereo distortion FX module with all 111 distinct distortion algorithms. The module uses high-fidelity Texas Instruments Burr-Brown audio convertors (24-bit hardware)

Yes, 111 algorithms are a crazy number. It covers everything you can expect from the term distortion. However, there is a big difference to the plugin.

Ohm Force has redesigned the routing for the Ohmicide Eurorack. The signal is first split into two bands using the XOVER parameter knob. The low band will not be processed to preserve the bass content for more control. 

It’s different with the higher band. It goes into a fully controllable lowpass filter that can be used to shape/remove unwanted frequencies. Then, it’s time for the distortion overdose. With the type parameter knob, you can choose from the 37 different distortions and shapers. Including:

 wave- shapers, wave folding, saturations, overdrive, fuzz, and bit-crushing through to completely unique distortions, including a fractal chaotic feedback equation, cyclic distortions, slew rate limiters, analogue sample & hold emulation, noise-based distortions, a ball bouncing on walls (with velocity controlled by the input signal), a fridge emulation, or one based on Lorenz strange attractors, even — or simply stumble across a nice surprise.

That’s not all. Each distortion also has three variants that are accessible via the FAM switch (S = standard, X more like a tube amp, and O adds inharmonic distortions).

Ohm Force Ohmicide Eurorack

Endless Shaping

From here, you can shape your selected algorithm in detail with various hands-on controls. And, of course, they have different functions in each mode.

  • in FAM S and X modes: BIAS emulates malfunctioning hardware circuitry and adds a DC offset before the distortion
  • in FAM O, BIAS controls the distance between harmonics 

The MOD is specific for each type of distortion. Besides this, you have a gain parameter knob for each algorithm for low to extreme gain settings. 

Further, after the distortion stage, the signal can be further mangled with another lowpass filter which is fully controllable with the LPF Out parameter. Great for removing harmonics from the distortion stage.

Clever, Ohmicide Eurorack also has an automatic gain staging that preserves the power of the input signal all the way through to the output. So you have always the perfect signal loudness.

Like in other Eurorack modules, all Ohmicide Eurorack’s parameters are CV controllable. Gain, Mod, Bias, and XOVER have additional attenuverters.

Ohm Force Ohmicide Eurorack Superbooth 24

Four Modes

Ohm Force Ohmicide Eurorack offers four operation modes. The default is the producer mode, which offers menu diving-free operation and instant parameter changes. The performer mode, on the other side, is the same as the producer mode but it allows you to activate the selected distortion using the encoder.

The other modes are more wilder. CV’ and ‘Trigger’ Performer modes work like a mini-sequencer within Ohmicide Eurorack with up to 16 individual sequences, each of which can then be played back either as a classic eight-step sequencer (using the ‘Trigger’ Performer mode, whereby the TYPE jack input acts as a trigger input), or using it as a CV to address steps in any order (using the ‘CV’ Performer mode).

Ohm Force Ohmicide Eurorack First Impression

That’s a big surprise—something that few people expected. The module looks cool, and I’m curious to see how well the distortion algorithms harmonize with the Eurorack signals. It looks like a very tempting package.

Ohm Force Ohmicide Eurorack will be available on May 16, 2024, for $419/465€ (incl. VAT). Ohm Force will have a booth (Z245) at Superbooth 24 this week, where you can check out the module and four additional prototypes. 

More information here: Ohm Force

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