Behringer UB-1 micro, portable $49 Oberheim Matrix inspired analog Synthesizer now with MIDI in

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Next round in the Behringer mini synth series: the UB-1 micro is a portable Oberheim matrix-inspired analog Synthesizer with presets for $49 USD.

It’s been two years since there was an update on Behringer’s UB-1 Spirit Synthesizer, which they announced in 2022. This will be another synth that will only cost $49.

Today, there is a small update. First, it no longer bears the name UB-1 Spirit. Now it’s called Behringer UB-1 micro. Also, you can see the additional TRS MIDI input which the JT-4000 will also get in a new MK2 version (JT-4000M). And yes, the target price remains $49. 

Behringer UB-1 micro

Here is the little brother of the UB-Xa. Same sound and analog circuitry and with full MIDI. We’re targeting 49 USD.

No news on the availability. 


Article From March 2, 2022

In the last few days, Behringer has introduced many new synthesizers. Many of them in mini size and for very little money. And it looks like there are more in the pipeline.

Today they introduced another analog Synthesizer for on the go. This time one with an engine that is inspired by one of Tom Oberheim’s analog classics.

Behringer UB-1

Uli passionately believes in empowering everyone to have access to great sounding musical instruments, especially kids, so they can start a lifelong love affair with electronic music and sound synthesis.

Behringer UB-1

UB-1 is a portable, super-affordable analog Synthesizer that is inspired by the Oberheim Matrix series. It features 2 DCO and a classic 4-pole filter based on the 3396/3397 analog chip designs found in the Oberheim Matrix 6 and 1000. You get individual envelopes for the filter (VCF) and amplifier (VCA). It also includes 2 multi-wave LFOs for adding movement to the filter and oscillator tuning. Initially, I thought it goes in the OB-1 direction, but it definitely a Matrix-inspired synth.

All of this can be played directly on the interface with 16-touch-sensitive keys. Alternatively, you can use an arpeggiator with 3 patterns and an hold function. A sequencer is not onboard. Nice, you can save your patches in 32 memory slots and exchange them via Behringer’s own SynthTribe app.

Behringer UB-1

The UB-1 comes with 6 functions buttons (OSC, MOD, VCF…) and an OLED display for easy and immediate parameter editing. It is powered via the USB socket allowing you to use an smartphone, power bank or computer for powering. The USB socket also transmits MIDI to the synth and offers a comprehensive USB/MIDI implementation (including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save).

Besides the USB connection, you have a headphone output. A classic audio output next to the headphones and classic DIN MIDI is missing, unfortunately. According to the FB post, the UB-1 is fully developed and once they receive the chips, they will be shipping the synth to the retailers.


Another interesting mini analog synth at an unbeatable price. This time it’s Behringer mini take on the Oberheim Matrix series.. The design is debatable but definitely better than a simple clone/replica.

Behringer UB-1 will be available soon for $49 USD.

More information will follow here: Behringer

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