Behringer Pro-1 Synthesizer Goes In Production & More CV Inputs/Outputs Added!

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Behringer Pro-1 analog Synthesizer has received new CV inputs/outputs, is ready for mass production and will cost $299 USD!

As you’ve probably seen in recent months, the (B) Odyssey and MS-101 are in beta currently. Now there is also news about the (B) Pro-1 Synthesizer. As Behringer reports today, the development is done and it will soon be in mass production. The Pro-1 is an analog replica of the best-known Sequential Circuits Pro-One Synthesizer from the past. Behringer does not reproduce here the case in the same design but designed it for the Eurorack format same as the Model D or Neutron.

Behringer Pro-1 Synthesizer

The Behringer team also announced today that the Pro-1 will get more CV inputs and outputs than announced at Superbooth this year. This gives musicians more options to use it in a Eurorack environment.

Behringer Pro-1 Analog Synthesizer

There are also news for the price. So the Behringer Pro-1 will cost $ 299 USD, just like the Model D or Neutron.

First Look From SuperBooth 2018

More information here: Behringer 

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