Behringer JT-4000M, new version of the $49 hybrid synth with MIDI input

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Behringer JT-4000M is a new version of its JP-8000-inspired $49 4-voice hybrid paraphonic Synthesizer with a new MIDI input socket.

With the JT-4000, Behringer has created one of the most affordable and complete synthesizers on the market. For just $49/€49, you get a 4-voice paraphonic hybrid Synthesizer with an analog filter. It sounds very solid, considering the tiny price.

They put a minimalism factor on the feature list to achieve the price. The MIDI I/O, however, was too minimal. The JT-4000 comes with just one USB-C port that provides power and MIDI. So, you always need a USB host hardware to play the instrument with MIDI. Now Behringer seems to be working on an updated version after a year on the market.

Behringer JT-4000M


Behringer JT-4000M

Since the decision to offer only one USB-C port for MIDI and power was met with criticism, Behringer decided to design a new series of USB host interfaces—in the words of an FB commenter, “the solution to the issue you created in the first place.”

Behringer seems to have reconsidered the JT-4000 design now as a new JT-4000M has appeared. You can find this in an official update post about the new USB MIDI host interfaces.

The Behringer JT-4000M appears to be the same hybrid 4-voice paraphonic Synthesizer: 4 voices, paraphonic, two analog modeling oscillators, analog filter, arpeggiator, and more.

But there is a difference. Next to the USB-C port, you can find a TRS MIDI input that solves the problem, so you can also play the synth with a MIDI keyboard without any detours. 

Behringer JT-4000M

Behringer has not officially announced the synth yet. They only say: 

Remember the MIDI to USB host we proposed some time ago? We now have the first prototype up and running. It’ll take more time until we can ship it, but we thought to give you a quick feedback.

I’m curious when it will be announced and whether it will still cost $49/49€. And interestingly, many shops no longer carry the OG JT-4000. 

Behringer JT-4000M availability and price is TBA.

More information will follow here: Behringer

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