DSP56300 OsTirus Access Virus TI emulator is available now as a free download

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DSP56300 Xenia and OsTirus, new Waldorf Microwave XT, and Access Virus TI Synthesizer emulators are coming soon to your DAW.

Good news from DSP56300. The Access Virus TI/TI2 and Snow emulator is now available. You can download the emulator and the editor from the DSP56300 website.

However, you need the original ROM of one of the Virus TI synths to make it work; otherwise, you won’t hear sounds from it. The developer does not share this. I will not do that, either. Also, I will not accept comments with links to the ROMs in the comments. Sorry.  

DSP56300 Ostirus

The developers write on the website that this synth was developed to be used by hardware Virus TI users as a backup. It must be noted that owning the ROM is illegal and is at your own risk.

According to DSP56300, the emulator supports the hardware sample rates and higher ones, including 64000 Hz, 88200 Hz, and 96000 Hz. 


Article From April 16th, 2024

Digital synthesizers have a long history. Something has never changed. They are based on code that runs on DSP chips. Many synthesizers in the past used the Motorola DSP56300. For example, the Access Virus or the many Waldorf synthesizers used this in their core.

Unfortunately, these synths are slowly dying out in hardware because the DSP 56300 chip is at the end of its life. Thanks to a developer project of the same name, however, they will live on in software. They have created an emulator software that recreates many of these synths for free in your DAW.

DSP56300 Xenia

DSP56300 OsTirus

Their first four Synthesizer emulators, Virus A, B, C, and the Waldorf Micro Q, were great successes in the synth and music production community. Good news for the 56300 synth hunters. There are currently two more synths in development.

This is the Ostirus, the emulator of the Access Virus Ti Synthesizer. It is a synth that they have been working on for a while but couldn’t release due to the hardware’s commercial availability.  But now it has been discontinued, and the situation is different.

DSP56300 says:

We are happy to announce that our Virus Ti emulator is not far from release, it includes the ability to switch to the Snow model also which only uses one DSP rather than 2. It’s being heavily tested by our loyal supporters currently and as soon as known bugs are squashed it will be made public

If you can’t wait and do want to help us test and improve it then feel free to join our discord server and find out how to become a supporter of our project and join the testing team!

DSP56300 Xenia 

In addition to this update to the Access Virus TI emulator OsTirus, there was another surprise. They unveiled that they are working on a Waldorf microwave XT emulator. It was the Microwave II Synthesizer in bright orange color, 44 knobs, and an audio input.

The core offered two wavetable oscillators per voice, a ring mod, a noise generator, various filters, and more. This classic Motorola-powered digital synth from the 90s is coming to your DAW very soon too. The developers say:

This one’s fresh off the press and is still being worked on and tested internally, it’s working pretty amazing up to now. Once we feel it’s stable enough it will be tested internally by our supporters to squash any bugs before public release

We have been working really hard since we last posted and we are very exited for everyone to experience the results of our efforts. If you want stay up to date with our daily progress then feel free to join us in our Discord server (link can be found on our website)

I’m very excited to see how the Access Virus Ti emulation will sound. I’m very interested to see what owners of the Virus TI will say about the sound quality. 

DSP56300 Xenia and OsTirus will be available soon. 

More information here: DSP56300

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  1. JP8080 is also in the making as far as I can tell from the discord Chan as well as some nord 😉

  2. The Access Virus had to die… for it to come alive again! Great to see this opening up, a living museum of these legends. Now if they curated the patch banks and offered new features the originals didn’t have, like picking a random patch (from the many 1,000s) and MPE support, that’d extend things far beyond!

    • it will be nice but not comparable to a hardware synth with analog filters 😉 It’s pretty sure a different character

      • Well these were digital to begin with so theoretically they should be pretty faithful. Virus filters were already great sounding if not as mean as I’d like sometimes

        • sure but often the used digital to analog converters added something to the sound. In today’s synths less but more in the vintage synths. In this case, the developers offers emulators for the DSP chip, not for the actual synthesis. So the part where the digital sound transforms into analog sound is not modeled or so. So there will differences between the hardware and software.

  3. Oh man I’m excited to see “Xenia”. I’ve owned 2 different XTk’s and probably 3 XT racks since they were first released. One of my all time favorite synths. Still have all my Patches & Multis from those machines ready to load into Xenia. A donation is definitely in order for the crew @ The Usual Suspects. AMAZING WORK!

  4. “Hum actually” moment… Owning the ROM is obviously legal. What’s illegal is downloading and using it without having a licence to use it. You get that licence by owning the hardware, that includes the ROM in the machine.

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