LEAK: Elektron Digitakt II hardware stereo sampler groovebox

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LEAK: a french music retailer has leaked the Elektron Digitakt II hardware sampler groovebox with stereo sampling support, 20GB of internal storage, and more.

In mid-March, I reported on the possible discontinuation of the Elektron Digitakt sampler. Thomann allegedly told a customer that. This message looks like it’s true.

A French store leaked the Elektron Digitakt II today with the specs and photos. So bye bye Digitakt, long live Digitakt II.

Leak Elektron Digitakt II

LEAK: Elektron Digitakt II

A new Digitakt is coming. It has the simple name Digitakt II and, according to leaked photos, it will have the same design as the previous Digitakt. However, the color choice is now more close to the Syntakt and Analog Heat + FX.

A lot has changed inside. You can see directly in the picture that it can now record and process stereo samples, unlike the Digitakt I, which was just a mono sampler. On the backside, you have a stereo input on 2x 6.35mm sockets for stereo sampling. That’s a great update.

It will also host the famous five sample machines (slice, wrap, repitch, stretch, and one shot) and new swappable filters per track. One filter is fixed as a base/width filter, but the other lets you swap between Multi-mode, Low pass 4, Comb, EQ, or Legacy LP/HP. 

Then, it will host multiple effects   delay, reverb, chorus, bit-crusher, sample reduction, overdrive) per track and with three multi-wave LFOs per track as well. One more than on the original Digitakt.

According to the leaked information, the unit offers 20GB of internal memory, which is 20 times the predecessor’s space. Plus, each project can hold up to 400MB of samples.

Leak Elektron Digitakt II

The built-in sequencer also got an upgrade. Digitakt II will have 16 MIDI or audio mono or stereo tracks. The source also says each sequence offers a 128-step sequencer per pattern and track.

Another source also says it has an Euclidean pattern generator built in. More details about the sequencer are currently not available. You have to wait until the official release.

On the backside, you have symmetrical stereo inputs and stereo outputs on 6.35mm sockets, a MIDI interface with in/out/thru, and a USB 2 port. They also write that it has an OLED screen and is fully compatible with overbridge.

Audio Solutions store says it will cost 949€. An exciting update for the Digitakt. We’ll see whether the leak was real at the Superbooth 24 in three weeks at the latest. I’m pretty sure it’s real.
More information will follow here: Elektron



    • according to info, Elektronauts have already removed all the posts. The store is located in Europe and so it’s closed 😉

    • Are you sure? That would surprise me, because the Elektron Analog Heat +FX compressor is only digital. The effects per track are probably send effects, assignable insert effect would knock out the already groggy looking Octatrack.

  1. Yes, the page is down now. This is strange! The text was all about the Digitakt II but with pictures from analogue rhythm…
    Also the url is strange

  2. Is a staging url from next-framework – the operation system of the website.
    It’s just the subdomain. The domain is totally legit. It’s definitly from Elektron.
    You use those staying pages to test how the website will look with the new content. Most developers do not care about putting them behind a login… mostly they rely on in, that they don’t get public. Also, often you copy existing pages as a template and replace the pictures later…

  3. Guess ill be staying up all night to order me a Digitakt 2 on Elektrons website. Party on boys!

  4. I have some doubts only because the image doesn’t have any text above the screen describing the device. I know that sounds like a weird gripe but I can’t recall an Elektron device without one. Maybe I’m wrong.

  5. I’m shocked. Shocked! Well, not that shocked.

    Digitakt II is a bust BUT Digitakt III is gonna be a game changer! Until Digitakt IIII comes along…

  6. 20 GIGAbytes? A capacity available TWO DECADES ago? I was expecting at LEAST 1 TB. I have CF cards that go in my MPC1000 that are almost half the 20GB size and IT came out 2 decades ago… And it is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to swap CF cards than it is to swap samples in internal storage on the ELEKTRON II. My MPC 1000 has an internal PATA SSD with a 1208 GB capacity. My 20 year old MPC1000 does stereo samples too, has a dozen+ effects and filters…
    Hey, maybe overbridge is worth it? Except that it doesn’t work with iPadOS, or the now standard USB audio compliance (so it won’t work with NON elektron devices)… So I HAVE to have a laptop running a DAW that is overbridge compatible as a bridge. No thanks.
    And an MPC1000 with velocity sensitive pads costs half as much stock. I retrofit a battery, a better screen, and the internal SSD I mentioned AND it STILL costs less than the Elektron II.
    Congratulations Elektron on releasing hardware that is 20 years behind with a “modern” price tag.

    • your focuse on numbers is shallow, seems you don’t understand this device strength and its very likely you don’t have any actual experience with this machines?
      i guesss you so invest in your akai you finding excuses why this is not good.
      sorry but your mpc1000 workflow feels old, slow, boring and unimaginative compered to this.
      try it.

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