teenage engineering EP-133 K.O. II, new update with EP Sample tool application


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Teenage Engineering has introduced the EP-133 K.O II, a new portable sampler based on an evolution of the best-selling PO-33 K.O sampler.

It’s time to update your EP-133 K.O II: Teenage Engineering has released update 1.2, which adds support for the EP Sample Tool. This is a simple web browser application for convenient sample management. It simplifies to manage your sample content in the device’s memory. 

You can move your samples from the computer to the hardware and vice versa via drag and drop. Another handy feature is the ability to edit the start and end points of the samples. A simple preview function is also implemented. 

teenage engineering EP-133 K.O II

Besides this, it comes with new recording options from pattern start and in overwriting mode. Plus, it ships with various bug fixes and UI improvements.


Article From November 2023

Teenage Engineering has released many new products in the last two to three years. Each is very portable and stylish. These were particularly noticeable because of their very high prices, which caused a lot of discussion in the synth community. But there is hope for more affordable TE gear.

There is no 50% discount on TE for Black Friday. No, but a new product. Teenage Engineering has released the EP-133 K.O., a new portable hardware sampler groovebox described as a further development of the popular PO-33 with more power and an-all new design.

teenage engineering EP-133-K.O

teenage engineering EP-133 K.O. II

Teenage products are usually very expensive but are styled from head to toe. They are true eye-catchers to me. That’s exactly the case with the EP-133 K.O. However, it has arguably been the most affordable TE instrument in a long time.

The EP-133 K.O II is a groovebox that bundles a creative sampler, sequencer, effects, and composing tools in one device. The core (32-bit float signal chain, 24-bit ADC / DAC) is based on the popular PO-33 KO hardware sampler but taken to 2023. 

It features six stereo or 12 mono voices and 64MB of memory, giving you up to 999 sample slots. Not much, but it is adapted to the workflow. It’s not a flagship sampler for capturing huge sounds. It’s all about fast, instant sounds like one-shots… that take up little memory.

You can sample into the device using the built-in microphone and stereo input (46.875 kHz/16-bit). Alternatively, you can drag and drop samples using the sample tool application. From here, you can slice the samples live or automatically in real-time. 

Once the samples are on the pads, you can adjust the start and end, chop and pitch it, set the play mode, and more.


Then, you can sequence them. You can program them in free mode or quantized with swing. For perfect recording, it also hosts an instantaneous time correction and erase functionality, allowing to fix wrong timings. 

EP-133 K.O II has nine projects, each with 80.000 notes maximal. Each project contains four groups, each with 99 patterns. You can use these to mix and match patterns on the fly.

A pattern then can have a variable length per group (1 to 99 bars) and has 12 tracks for samples and MIDI. Yes, you can assign any pad to one of the 16 MIDI channels turning it into a MIDI sequencer. Plus, you can record and automate parameters in the sequences and there is a loop mode from the OB-4 with length and slide.

Sequences can also be refined with six internal stereo master effects and a new compressor. The well-known punch effects of the PO-33 should not be missing here.

According to teenage engineering, these are all-new pressure-sensitive effects, aka “the next-generation punch-in effects”.

teenage engineering EP-133 K.O. II


The operation is very reminiscent of vintage samplers. EP-133 K.O. II offers 12 newly-developed vintage-style keys that have a modern touch, combining tactility with pressure sensitivity (polyAT), says Teenage. There are also additional buttons, knobs, and an automatable multi-functional slider.

Further, it hosts a large multi-segment color display with a very retro style and lovely symbols, giving you instant feedback on your tracks. 


The EP-133 K.O. also offers a lot on the input and output side. You get an orange on/off slider, a USB-C port for audio and data, minijack MIDI in/out, sync in/out (8TH, 16TH NOTE OR SYNC24), a stereo input, and output.

Lastly, it has a built-in speaker and runs on 4x AAA batteries or via USB-C with a power supply/bank.

First Impression

Yes, teenage engineering can still make affordable instruments. Uff. The EP-133 K.O. is a big surprise. Even though he’s a bit WTF at first, I find the design very eye-catching and beautiful.  ​It is retro but also modern at the same time.

I like the new features and fit perfectly into the instant sampling PO-33 concept. I’m sure this will be a great success.

Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. is available now for $299/349€ It comes in a limited edition 10″ collectors box. 

More information here: Teenage Engineering

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  1. I actually quite like this.
    I had the PO-32 and found it really fun.
    I can imagine this is even more fun.
    Wasn’t going to buy any new gear until the new year but this has me tempted.

  2. I’m blown away at how much TE hot right here and that price point is the bargain of the year. From Teenage Engineering. Insta buy and I pretty much never do that. TE just upped the game.

  3. yes, sexy. really. very good work flow. nice design. good price. it will be a mega seller. but 64mb, no wireless, no usb audio… for me a bit too retro. whats about the resampling capabilities?

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