Ult Sound DS4M, clone of the super rare Toyo Gakki Ult Sound DS-4 drum synth

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Ult Sound DS4M is a clone/replica of the super rare Toyo Gakki Ult Sound DS-4 analog drum Synthesizer with extra I/O, including MIDI.

There are rare synthesizers, but there are also super rare synthesizers that were only produced in a few quantities and are now sold for a lot of money on the second-hand market.

One of them is the Toyo Gakki Ult Sound DS-4 analog drum Synthesizer. This is no April joke; the synth is back as a boutique project. 

Ult Sound DS4M

Ult Sound DS4M

The DS4M is an authentic clone/replica of the great-sounding Toyo Ult Sound DS-4 analog drum Synthesizer. The developer kept all original schematics, ICs, transistors, etc., and has the same original feature set on the sonic side.

It has four independent analog drum voices, each with a VCO, sustain (long/short), sub, LFO, and an output section.

According to the developer, he added more connectivity, including MIDI, CV/gate inputs with 1v/oct tracking, and individual outputs.  

One of the most famous users of this analog drum synth was Ryuichi Sakamoto and his band Yellow Magic Orchestra. The “Poo” sound was particularly striking of the synth and can be heard on material from the band. 


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Check out Leonard de Leonard, aka Sound Provider’s sound demo of the original Toyo Gakki Ult Sound DS-4 

First Impression

Noice to see the DS-4 is back in a modern version. Anyone who has been looking for this drum synth can now get it in a clone/replica. Maybe we’ll also see a Behringer version in the coming year for everyone who can’t afford this new version. 


Ultsound DS4M is available now via the developer’s Instagram page. The price is $2000 + shipping. This is a completely hand-assembled machine and a project that the developer makes in their leisure time. He plans to create about ten units per month. 

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