Polyverse Music Filterverse, a colorful bouquet of filters surrounded by deep modulations

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Polyverse Music Filterverse is a new filter plugin powered by various classic and experimental filter types and supported by deep modulations. 

Filters are omnipresent in music production. We know them from synthesizers, where you can find at least one in every subtractive synth. Same for the modular synth world. You can never have enough filters, especially in Eurorack. 

Filters are also a great tool for classically editing and manipulating audio signals. You can do this very easily and affordably with free and commercial plugins. Polyverse Music has a new, exciting plugin that goes deep into filtering. 

Polyverse Music Filterverse

Polyverse Music Filterverse

Filterverse is a new filter plugin developed by Assaf Dar Sagol for macOS and Windows. Please don’t confuse it with Supermodal,  another recently released filter plugin from Polverse Music.

Where Supermodal dives into unique resonating results, Filterverse is more traditional and offers a colorful bouquet of filter algorithms and types. According to Polyverse Music, it features algorithms inspired by classic synths, resonating bodies, and unique experimental-flavored ones. 

The engine is powerful and flexible, offering a flexible routing system with up to three filter slots simultaneously. This means that three different filters can find a home in one patch, allowing for very wild mangling. These filters can be arranged in serial, parallel, or a combination of the two. 

Then, you have independent dry/wet balance, phase-reverse, and mid-side processing per filter. 

This filter construct is supported by a solid full-stereo modulation engine with eight different modulation sources. It includes a fully customizable LFO and sequencer, ADSR, envelope follower, randomizer, pitch detector, audio-rate oscillator, meta knob, and more. 

Another highlight of the modulation engine is its ability to cross-modulate the source, which unlocks a wide range of complex patterns.

First Impression

At first glance, an exciting new filter plugin. What particularly stands out here is the possibility of using three filters at the same time and animating them with super flexible modulations. The plugin is currently beta. Not all filter types have been installed yet, I’m curious which ones you’ll find in the final version.

Polyverse Music Filterverse is available now for an introductory price of $79 instead of $149. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows.

The plugin is now in public beta, and Polyverse Music encourages feedback during the beta period on its community forums (forum.polyversemusic.com) and Discord. Beta testers will receive the full release at no additional cost. 

More information here: Polyverse Music

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