AudioThing Things Crusher, filter/bit-crusher plugin, now for iOS and Linux

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AudioThing Things Crusher is a new straightforward plugin that merges a multimode filter and bit crusher in a single effect processor.

Almost one year after the release of the AudioThing Things Crusher plugin for macOS/Windows, the iOS and Linux versions are now available. The iOS version is a 1 to 1 port of the desktop version with AUv3 support.

To celebrate this release, AudioThing has smashed the price of the macOS/Linux/Windows version by 50%. You can get it for 9€ (reg. 19€) for a limited time. The iOS version is on sale for $1,99 on the AppStore.


Article May 3th, 2022

The Things series from AudioThing are small, super easy-to-use effect plugins that have a workflow very reminiscent of pedals. With Rotor, for example, the developer has developed in collaboration with experimental musician Hainbach a morphing rotor effect.

The latest Things release is less experimental but a very characterful effect suitable for all kinds of sounds.

AudioThings Things Crusher

AudioThing Things Crusher

Things Crusher is a new easy-to-use plugin that combines a multimode filter and a bit-crusher in a single effect processor. According to the developer, it is inspired by the effect section of Noises, a plugin made in collaboration with YouTuber and musician Hainbach.

The plugin features a multimode filter with lowpass, high pass, and notch characteristics with 2 or 4-pole options. You can control with classic cutoff, resonance, and output gain settings. Then, you have a bit crusher effect with bits, downsample, and mix controls. There is also a harshness control taken from the Reels plugin.

Handy, you can choose either to use the filter pre or post the crusher effect. So you can achieve different timbres. Further, you can activate and deactivate the individual modules giving you the option to use the filter or crusher standalone.

AudioThing Things Crusher is available now for 19€. It runs as a VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + M1), Linux and Windows. Things Crusher for iOS is available for an introductory price of  $1,99 instead of $4,99.

More information here: AudioThing  AppStore

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  1. For the past weeks always there are plugins that you are showing. A hundred of them are arrive to sell every week and the next week all are forgotten. Most are free because they are worth near to nothing.
    Please may we return to see hardware?

    • if you have new hardware releases to show, I would do but the hardware market is currently a bit calmer.

      And plugins and iOS are on the same level as hardware for me. I enjoy both worlds, hardware and software. For me they are tools to make sound.

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