GS DSP Quantum Distortion, morphing and modulating distortions for mac, win, and iOS

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GS DSP Quantum Distortion is a new effect processor that brings morphing and modulating distortions to macOS, windows, and iOS.

Plugins can be super flexible but don’t have to cost a lot. Gustav Scholda, aka GS DSP, showed this with the Quantum Delay last year. It was the first cross-platform plugin in a new affordable sound processing series.

With the Quantum Distortion, GS DSP has today expanded its young series with a second plugin. 

GS DSP Quantum Distortion

GS DSP Quantum Distortion

Quantum Distortion is a modern distortion plugin with lots of sound design options. Unlike super classy distortions, it focuses on moving sonic warps.

The signal path begins with two filters (lowpass/highpass), preparing your signals for the creative destruction process.

Once the gate is open, your signals flow into the distortion engine, which is powered by four distinct algorithms: saturation, bit-crush, ring modulation, and downsample.

Each offers two main parameters and gives a wide range of results: waveshaping, lo-fi digital destruction, spectral distortions, and lovely downsampling. 

All four algorithms can be used simultaneously. The XY pad is particularly exciting because it allows you to morph between these four distortion algorithms, creating unique distorted soundscapes. The background image also changes dynamically, providing you with visual feedback on the process.

That’s not all. GS DSP also implemented a flexible modulation engine. You can modulate pretty much every parameter of the plugin, using the built-in modulators. They include 2D LFOs, random generators, envelope followers, macros, and dynamic chaotic systems. 

Quantum Distortion also offers a randomizer system, giving you instant new, hopefully inspiring results. The developer ships the plugin with various factory presets with which you immediately start to creatively destroy your sounds.

First Impression

A very exciting distortion plugin for little money. The option to work with modulation sets it apart from many simple distortion processors. Also thumbs up for the iOS version.

GS DSP Quantum Distortion is available now for $13,99. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. The iOS version is now on the Apple AppStore for $6,99 and runs standalone and as an AUv3 plugin. 

More information here: GS DSP

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