GS DSP Quantum Delay, a heavily-modulated stereo delay plugin for mac, win, and iOS

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GS DSP has released Quantum Delay, a new stereo delay/echo processor plugin supported by a feature-rich modulation engine.

How many delay pedals or plugins do we need? Given the amount of delay available and added every year, this is a legitimate question. This is my penny: never because every delay has its own character and behavior, aka personality. Each delay comes from a different developer based on its idea.

With the Quantum Delay, we get another delay plugin to explore this year. It’s probably one of the last for this year, and it comes from the city I live, Vienna.

GS DSP Quantum Delay

GS DSP Quantum Delay

As you can already read in the title is Quantum Delay a new stereo delay/echo plugin, also for iOS, in which a flexible modulation engine is embedded.

Quantum Delay offers two unique modes: a retro-inspired tape mode or super-clean fade mode. So fans of vintage as well as modern sounds get here an interesting delay. Each section can be toggled between stereo and dual mono. 

You can adjust freely the delay time in ms (tuplets…) or use the BPM sync function that syncs the time to your DAW clock. With the fine control, you can dial in micro-timings or modulate the delay lines. 

Of course, it also has built-in feedback with dedicated controls for both the left and right channels. There is also a crossfeed function that allows you to generate classic ping-pong delay effects. You can go also wild by using the over-feedback mode to create infinite reverb-like echos.

The feedback path also has a filter with switch lowpass, highpass, and bandpass types. Perfect for sculpting your echoes. 

GS DSP Quantum Delay


Things get fun and unusual with the built-in modulation engine. The developers describe it as “our next-level modulation system. According to them, you can modulate pretty much everything using the built-in LFOs, random generators (also in 2D), envelope followers, macros, and chaos.

I think this is where the Quantum Delay shows its true face. The modulation options are fascinating and enable wild, unpredictable sounds.

First Impression

At first glance, another delay plugin. Yes, you can see it that way. But the built-in modulation, which is what GS DSP is known for, makes the whole thing much more tempting for sound design. 

GS DSP Quantum Delay is available now for $9,99 and runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. The iOS version is available for $4,99 and comes with an AUv3 version.

More information here: GS DSP / App Store

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