Embodme ERAE II, redesigned MPE touch controller with looper and more modular I/O, First Look – SynthFest France 2024

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NAMM 2024: Embodme ERAE II, the second generation of its innovative MPE touch controller, dives deeper into modular worlds with more I/O and more.

At SynthFest France 2024, Alex from Embodme showcased the Erae II. Here is a first look. 


Update From February 29, 2024

Embodyme, announced at NAMM 2024, is now on Kickstarter. It’s already fully pledged. All the 200 units for 575€ are sold out, but you can support the development of it with a pre-order for 669€.


Article From January 26, 2024

Dedicated MPE or MIDI polyphonic expression controllers are still a little less common on the market in 2024. The Seaboard, Linnstrument… to name a few stars. One of the recent ones comes from France, the ERAE Touch from the young company Embodme. This is a fully customizable touch controller with full MPE compatibility, modular templates, and more.

You could recently see many of them in Jean Michel Jarre’s live setup at his Versailles concert. Embodiment is also at NAMM 2024, and a big surprise for the second day: they are announcing the ERAE II. A big further development of the Erae Touch, initially introduced in 2020, and shipped in 2021. 

Embodme Erae II

Embodme ERAE II

The ERAE 2 is the successor to the Erae Touch. You can immediately see the revised design. It now has physical buttons, a big rotary knob, and more on the interface. The look of the oversized iPhone is history.

They not only revised the look but also took the hardware and user experience further. ​ERAE 2 features 16.000 force sensors that benefit from its newly patented Force Multi-Touch™ technology, which offers ultra-responsiveness, down to less than 20 grams of pressure.

It ensures high dynamics and high-velocity strikes for finger drumming or drum sticks. There are also significant enhancements for the spatial section. Now with sub-millimeter XY accuracy in both relative and absolute modes and improved sensor linearity for a more stable, continuous finger sliding.

Embodme Erae II

Interchangeable Skins & New Screen

ERAE 2 also ships with a new, interchangeable skin. The second generation features a unique fabric skin, offering a perfect glide sensation while improving light diffusion for a brighter and sharper look, promises the developers.

Interestingly, you can simply change the skin overlays of the ERAE, enabling compatibility with black silicone skin material for percussive techniques. Plus, there the entire surface can also be simply changed.

Emodme also revised the UI, including a new high-resolution LCD screen dedicated to all the menu settings and live mapping configs. Something that was missing on the Erae Touch. So, there are no longer settings on the playing surface itself.

Embodme Erae 2 MPE

MIDI Looper & Revised Arpeggiator

Another big new feature in the ERAE 2 is a MIDI looper. Thanks to an upgraded architecture, you can now record any X/Y/Z gesture in polyphonic mode in the unit. On top, overdub all the MIDI (MPE) loops in real time.

Those loops can be recorded and played back in parallel over all 16 Layouts and give the ability to build up your tracks live. That sounds like an excellent feature. Then, the user interface also benefits from a new button to access the revised 3D arpeggiator. 

It’s now possible to map all the arpeggiator settings (rate, octave, range…) to expressive gestures like aftertouch, slide, and pitch bend. I’m pretty sure this unlocks some very wild performances.

Embodme Erae II

More Modular Connectivity 

The new hardware also has space for much more connectivity. So much so that the ERAE II becomes an MPE controller made for analog gear and modular setups. It now incorporates up to 24 analog outputs configurable as CV, gates, or triggers.

Further, Embodme added two extra MIDI jack connectors and a USB host socket for easily connecting external USB MIDI gear. In total, you get the following connections:

  • 1x Dedicated USB power plug
  • 1x Dual role USB (host & device,  PD-ready)
  • 2x Midi Out, 1x  Midi In (3,5mm ” TRS jack)
  • 24x configurable analog outputs (Gat, CV, trigger)
  • 2x Midi Out & 1x Midi In/Thru 1/8 inch TRS jack

And! Embodme promises that existing Erae Touch users will benefit from future firmware updates with new features and more. 

First Impression

This is a very impressive surprise for the second day of NAMM 2024. I thought we had already seen all the new things. But then Embodme came along with the ERAE II—a very nice further development of the Eare Touch. I’m glad that v1 users continue to get updates.

Embodme ERAE 2 will be available for support and pre-order via a Kickstarter campaign, starting on February 15th, 2024 and with an estimated delivery in June 2024 for the first batch. The early bird price (100 units) will be 549€ and 649€ for the regular Kickstarter price.

The official MSRP will be 799€ + VAT. A special white edition will also be limited to 200 units for 699€.

More information here: Embodme 

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