Glasgow Synth Guild Oct tōne, compact step sequencing with neat add-ons

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Glasgow Synth Guild Oct tōne is a new compact feature-rich 8-step sequencer Jason Lim of Instruō Modular developed.

Sequencers are often part of Eurorack systems. Sequencing notes, triggers, or CV values: various types of sequencers exist. A downside of many extensive sequencers is their size, taking up a lot of rack space.

I like small sequencers, like the discontinued Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Micro Sequence B. A module that fits perfectly into this section is the new Oct tōne from Glasgow Synth Guild.

Glasgow Synth Guild Oct Tone

Glasgow Synth Guild Oct tōne

At first glance, it looks like a new Instruō Modular module. That’s wrong; it’s a Glasgow Synth Guild module. According to their website, they are a collective of synth builders and designers based in Glasgow, UK. 

Working in the same workspace as Instruō Modular, they offer limited batches of boutique synths, Eurorack modules and more for modern-day creatives.

To the facts. The new Oct tōne is a new 10HP sequencer designed by Jason Lim of Instruō Modular. It offers CV and pulse signal sequencing in eight steps.

Thanks to its quantized and unquantized stepped voltage functionality, it can also output notes like any other traditional sequencer. It offers various tune modes, including diatonic transposition, and two play modes: a traditional and a random one.

There are also pulse count assignments for rhythmic triggering. 8 steps can be a bit limited. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I had a lot of fun with only 8 steps in the old Pittsburgh module. Unlike there, you can break the limitation and expand it to 16 steps by connecting a secondary Oct tōne. 

Further, you can store up to 32 sequencers in the internal memory for instant recalling them. Glasgow Synth Guild has put a lot of effort into making the module very hands-on. You can touch values directly, tweak them, and quickly make variations. 

First Impression

A very exciting compact sequencer with nice extras. I really dig the front panel, which is very inviting to play with. And that there is no menu is also a welcome change from other sequencers.

Glasgow Synth Guild Oct tōne is available now for £260 from the official website. For customers outside the UK, you need to add import fees and VAT. 

More information: Glasgow Synth Guild 

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