Baby Audio BA-1, Yamaha CS-01 emulation, free update 1.5 adds multi-FX plugin, and more

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Baby Audio BA-1 is the company’s first Synthesizer plugin and a modern, still authentic take on the Yamaha CS01 “fat sounding little machine”

It is always welcome when manufacturers take care of their products, even better, via free updates. Baby Audio now does this with the BA-1 plugin, which emulates the cult synth Yamaha CS-01. 

Version  1.5 is out now and is a major free update for the synth with many new goodies for existing users. 

Baby Audio BA-1 1.5

Baby Audio BA-1 Synth 1.5

The big news of BA-1 1.5 is the BA-1 FX Strip, pulling out the characterful effects section of the synth and putting it in an independent multi-FX section.

It’s based on BA-1’s virtual circuits and offers 80s-flavored drive, filtering, delay, reverb, chorus, and speaker emulation. BA-1’s built-in chorus also got a makeover. Instead of the Juno-style on/off topology, it now has an adjustable slider parameter ranging between 0% and 100%. 

Also new is a hands-on, hardware-style arpeggiator with three modes (up, down, and up/down) with a three-octave range. It also has an un-sync function for more authentic effects.

Baby Audio has also implemented some fun easter eggs in the new 1.5 update. First, the colored dots between BA-1’s segments reveal additional synth parameters when clicked.

Then, the LFO fade adds ramp time to the mod wave that gradually (or abruptly) fades up to its set frequency for more unique modulations. Chaos unlocks nonlinear behavior in the reverb and chorus algorithms for dissonance and unpredictable pitch glides.

Besides this, they massively improved the preset browser with search, filtering, and more. Plus, they added fresh UI themes in black and red. In summary, a great update for BA-1 Synthesizer. Very smart that they you get a multi-FX plugin on top. 

The update is free of charge for existing users. Baby Audio also put BA-1 in a special sale for $49 instead of $99 to celebrate this release. 


Article From June 08, 2023

In April, Baby Audio released the BA-1,  a Synthesizer plugin based on a modern take on the iconic Yamaha CS01.

It took a while, but now the synth is also available for iOS with AUv3 support.


Article From April 25th, 2023

Baby Audio is a young plugin developer company known for its high-quality, clever effects plugins. Among others, they are the makers of the great-sounding TAIP tape machine/tape saturator or the versatile Crystalline reverb plugin.

Since today they are also Synthesizer developers. B-1, very simply named, emulates the popular Yamaha CS01 Synthesizer. But in Baby Audio fashion, i.e., with more features and clever additions.

Baby Audio BA-1

Baby Audio BA-1

BA-1 is the first proper analog-modeled emulation of the Yamaha CS01, a beloved and cultish 1982 mono synth says the developer.

As a reminder: the CS01, initially released in 1982, features a single multi-wave oscillator with PWM, a 12dB filter with hi or lo resonance + ADSR, a sine wave LFO, and an ADSR envelope for the VCA. The MKII version hosts a 24dB instead of a 12dB filter

New In The BA-1

The BA-1 plugin has everything the original hardware had. Also, the instant and playful workflow. But also much more. Besides an authentic recreation of the raw, gritty, and drifty oscillator of the original, Baby Audio added a second oscillator and an FM slider, adding more flexibility to the synth. Great for more harmonic-rich sounds.

Then, they modeled the 24dB filter of the CS01 hardware with the same self-oscillation behavior. It’s a pity it doesn’t offer the 12dB filter option of the Mk1 version. There is also a modeled ADSR envelope with a host-sync option for the attack on the DAW BPM. This allows you to create sweeping sounds in perfect sync.

BA-1 ships with the same straightforward LFO but upgraded with BPM host sync ability and an easter egg. Baby Audio also added a clever sidechain functionality with internal and external modes. BA-1 creates a 4/4 ducking pattern synced to the host tempo in the internal mode. Alternatively, you can duck it with external signals.

Baby Audio BA-1

Vintage Effects

Effect processors are not far away whenever the name Baby Audio is mentioned. And yes, its first Synthesizer plugin also packs a complete multi-fx section with a strong focus on vintage sounds. According to BA, it’s inspired by budget 1980’s hardware.

In the lower part of the GUI, two shelving filters are grouped as “tone.” This can be used to make the sound more brigher or darker. The drives adds two selectable, characterful analog-modeled distortion flavors to the sound: either circuit gives you wild circuit bending flavors while OD models a classic 80’s guitar pedal.

The delay, reverb, and chorus continue just as vintage. All three effects are modeled after budget rack hardware from the CS01 era. All three effects have a very limited feature set that makes them very easy to use. They are fine-tuned so that they are very rich on sweet spots.

And a small, funny extra is the battery effect. The original CS01 could be powered by batteries. It created weird sonic artifacts as the power deteriorated.

Baby Audio has modeled this bizarre behavior for the hardware and formed a unique effect. You can drain the battery of the plugin to achieve pitch fluctuations, noise, and distortion the further down you go.

Further, it ships with 500+ presets made by professional sound designers. If that’s not enough, you can find an inspiring Re-Gen functionality to create new patches instantly.

First Impression

Another emulation of a synth classic from the past. Yes, it doesn’t sound that exciting at first glance. But I think it’s interesting that Baby Audio has decided on a synth where there is no emulation available

Plus, it’s not a 1-to-1 emulation. They have also made some great, unusual additions like that thing with the battery. In the first demos, the synth sounds very solid and versatile. And yes also with polyphony.

Baby Audio BA-1 is available now for an introductory price of $49 (51% OFF) instead of $99 (reg. price). It runs as a VST, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows. The iOS version is available now for an introductory price of $19,99 and runs on iPhones and iPads in standalone and as an AUv3 plugin.

More information here: Baby Audio

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