Michigan Synth Works Chronovore, A TB-303 Sequencer Clone For Eurorack

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Michigan Synth Works has extracted the legendary sequencer of the Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer and melted it into the Chronovore Eurorack module.

The interest in Roland clones does not stop. With the Chronovore, the US-based developer and DIY shop Michigan Synth Works brings a replica of the Roland TB-303 sequencer to the market. This not a clone of the analog engine but only a reproduction of the iconic 303 sequencer as a Eurorack module.

According to the developer, it based on an emulation of the original code via the Pixie CPU. This is a D650 emulator made by Din Sync which will allow you to run the original maskrom firmware from the original Roland ™ machines. They say the module is also compatible with the Quicksilver and Sonic Potions 303 CPUs.

Michigan Synth Works Chronovore

The interface is very Rolandish. Besides the well-known keyboard layout, 8 steps on the bottom, and individual buttons (down, up, accent, slide), it offers a big silver tempo knob which is very reminiscent of the original TB-303. On the top left, you have a menu that manages the track, pattern, slide time, and more. Since this sequencer replica is designed for the Eurorack system, it also has some modular connectivity: accent, run, clock, MIDI, Gate, and CV output.

Electronic musicians love sequencers, especially the original, although the handling is more cryptic than intuitive. It’s nice to see that this well-known sequencer is available as a module. However, I think the module will mainly attract hardcore fans of the TB-303.  The video below shows nicely how to program it.

Michigan Synth Works Chronovore will be available soon for $330 USD.

More information here: Michigan Synth Works

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