The Plugin Minute: SPC Plugins ArcSyn Synthesizer!

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The Plugin Minute, a YouTube video format that offers short sound demos of virtual instrument & effect plugins. This episode features ArcSyn by SPC Plugins!

The Synthesizer plugin market is huge. Many companies, small or large, offer a variety. From wavetable, FM, virtual analog to multi-engine synths. An underdog in this area is ArcSyn from the UK-based developer SPC Plugins.

ArcSyn does not have the most beautiful interface design, but has a very good and versatile engine. It offers a wide range of oscillator engine/waveforms ranging from classic virtual analog, FM, bit-noise…, many unique filter types, envelopes and LFO’s that can be used as simple envelope/LFO or as powerful modulation sequencer. To refine the sounds, it comes with a good selection of different effect processors.

Highlight for sure is here the modulation sequencer where it’s possible to use for each step a different waveform. This gives you a lot of deep sound design options and a big playroom for unusual complex tones.


  • No samples—all oscillator waveforms are generated from scratch.
  • Many unique waveforms including Sub-harmonicsBit-Noise and FM Crossfade.
  • Unique LFOs feature wave sequencing and hundreds of unusual waveforms including many random types.
  • Powerful, self-oscillating filters based on the Oberheim Matrix 12.
  • Many unusual filter types like Frequency ShifterScramble and Multi-Alias.
  • Smooth, natural sound quality throughout—Oscillators and filters are 4X oversampled, all audio processing is done in 64-bit arithmetic and control signals are updated at 5500Hz or higher.
  • Comes with over 500 programs.
  • MIDI controller learn.
  • Easy program organisation—rearrange programs and folders using your computer’s file system.

What Is The Plugin Minute

The Plugin Minute is a new format on the SYNTH ANATOMY YouTube channel hat has the goal to briefly show exciting sounds of Synthesizer & effect plugins. The newest episode features some unique sounds from the ArcSyn Synthesizer.

More information here: SPC Plugins

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