AN-X trademark registration, new Yamaha synth in the works?

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Yamaha has registered the trademark for “AN-X” in the music instruments section, is an evolution of Yamaha’s beloved AN1X Synthesizer in the works?

Yamaha has released few synthesizers in recent years. Compared to Korg, or Roland, Yamaha was extremely quiet. After the workstations Montage, MOD-X, and the small Reface, the Japanese didn’t release any new big synthesizers.

However, this may change in the near future. Interesting news popped up today.


AN-X Trademark

According to the new USPTO registration, Yamaha has trademarked the name AN-X. More precisely, they registered it with the information: “music instruments, namely, electronic musical instruments, keyboards, electronic pianos, music synthesizers.

The name is reminiscent of the popular AN1X virtual analog Synthesizer of the 90s. It featured 10 voices with two oscillators, a multimode resonant filter, effects, a 61-key keyboard, and memory. The AN1x is still one of the most popular and best-sounding virtual analog synthesizers.

It is not known what the AN-X will be. It may well be that Yamaha is working on an evolution of the AN1x with more features, more control, etc. With the Wavestate, Opsix, or Modwave, Korg has started a retro digital wave where they reinterpret digital classics from the past. It may well be that Yamaha does the same with the AN1X.

AN-X trademark

Or they continue the reface series with the AN-X and bring the AN1X engine back in a compact format. That would also be interesting and possible but please with patch memory.

I’m curious about what’s coming. One thing is for sure: Yamaha is working secretly on something.  However, the trademark is showing the first signs that something is in the works.

More information here: Yamaha

Trademark information


  1. Let’s take something from the past, put an X in front it, make it in China and sell it as expensive as it can

    • I agree with you absolutely, I also have AN1x and I will not sell it for anything. And what Yamaha will do in the future does not interest me in the least, since it has never met my expectations over the past 15 years. On my YouTube channel, there are the most demonstrations of the sounds of this particular synthesizer Yamaha AN1x:

      Also on my YouTube channel there is information on how you can improve the sound of AN1x to a large extent.

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