Instruō dapf adds all-pass filters to your rack for phase-shifting fun

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Instruō dapf is a new dual all-pass filter module that brings new flavors of filtering to your rack, great for phase-shifting effects.

Filters are part of every Eurorack synthesizer. The most common types are lowpass, highpass, bandpass, or notch filtering in both analog and digital flavors. It is usually used to dampen sounds, emphasize specific areas, or achieve unique modulation effects.

A unique form is the all-pass that passes all frequencies equally in gain but changes the phase relationship among various frequencies. You can also find them as part of many synth/module cores. The filter itself is great for achieving unique phase-shifting effects. 

Instruo Dapf

With the new app module from the Scottish developer company Instruō, you can now create them also in Eurorack.

Instruō dapf

Dapf is a new analog dual all-pass filter module with two channels for the Eurorack system. According to Instruō, it’s the first dedicated effects processor in the Instruō product line. Ok, I thought the arbhar granular processor was the first. 

Unlike classic filters, the module rotates the phase of a signal beyond a cutoff frequency, allowing it to achieve unique results. So, not filtering traditionally. You can archive frequency-dependent phase-shifting effects, like phaser effects (doppler, vibrato, phaser…) and other stereophonic manipulations.

The module features cascaded input/output normalization that makes it easy to patch one signal to both channels in parallel. Then, it has a global 1V/octave input that lets you affect both channel cutoffs simultaneously.

A special feature of the left channel is the ability to switch between 1-pole and 2-pole operation, giving you further sonic mangling options.

First Impression

A very unique module that Instruō has published here. A function that is almost non-existent in Eurorack. It’s good that the option now exists.

Instruō dapf is available now for $235/219€. 

More information here: Instruō

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