Clatters Machines Sibilla, a stereo digital oscillator module with a droning mood

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Clatters Machines Sibilla fuses saw/sine waves, a delay network, and LFOs into a stereo digital oscillator module with a droning mood.

Many oscillators in the Eurorack range are analog and try to reproduce the sounds of vintage synthesizers. From Moog Modular replicas, Roland 700 Series, etc. On the digital side, one often finds clearly more exciting concepts with original ideas. Like the Mutable Instruments Plaits macro oscillator.

The new Italian developer Clatters Machines is going the same way with its new Sibilla. Digital, different and no repetition.

Clatters Machines Sibilla

Clatters Machines Sibilla

Sibilla is a new unique 10HP digital stereo oscillator. According to the Italian developer, it translates the beauty and harshness of a semi-barren mountain into a 10HP Eurorack module. Clatters Machines is a developer from San Benedetto Del Tronto (Italian), and the module was inspired by a mountain and designed by the sea. More on the story, you can read on their website.

Sibilla has left/right channels which are the output stages of two audio feedback loops. Each consists of a main sub-sinusoidal wave oscillator and two saw and sine waves with frequencies affected by the generation of (right-channel) harmonics and (left-channel) sub-harmonics.

All those waves have different phases with respective offsets constantly affected by minor variations created by two pairs of GRAINS randomly fluctuating within the waves’ amplitude spectrum and being sampled at a certain speed.

Then, the waves meet each other at a so-called “common point”. Here is where everything happens and changes continuously. You can also find here two white noise sources creating constructive and destructive interferences. These are affected constantly by two LFO movements. Moreover, such interferences are then run into a resonant low-pass filter and taken to spheric fields with four different delay lines.

Once arrived here, they are finally fed back into the audio loops at different time intervals, depending on the GRAINS movement. Sibilla is capable of generating ever-evolving drones and melodic content.

First Impression

I’m a big fan of developers trying something new in the field of oscillators. Sibilla is exactly that. It’s not another “more of the same” analog oscillator (3340, clone…)  of a classic but an original design with a unique feature set. It sounds very interesting.

Clatters Machines Sibilla is available now for 360€ plus VAT.

More information here: Clatters Machines

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