Erica Synths The Cursible Brings Deep & Flexible Effects Morphing To Eurorack

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Erica Synths The Cursible by Sacrament Modular, is a morphing effects-send matrix module that allows up to 6 effects to play together creatively and tonally. 

Every beginning is difficult. Sacrament Modular saw that with their first module The Cursible and teamed up with Erica Synths for development/production. Such collaborations are advantageous because you can benefit from the infrastructure and know-how of the big ones.

The Cursible is a 14HP wide, 6-channel morphing effects-send matrix module for Eurorack with an impressive feature set. Morphing is known from oscillators, filters, etc. The Cursible takes your effects in new sonic territories. From mixing, sequencing up to morphing different effects, it lets your effects shine in a new light

Sacrament The Cursible Erica Synths

Sacrament Modular The Cursible

The Cursible has in total 6 audio channels, all act in both directions and can be routed and morphed. The module only unfolds through its various creative modes. In piano mode, you can send your signal through your effects chains manually via a momentary button push with user-defined fade times. In clock mode, you can sequence your signal through your effects chains via the clock input. Here you have different clock-sub modes available including clockwise, counter-clockwise, pendulum, and random sequencing. Simple sequences can be transformed into highly complex sounds with constantly evolving effects.

It also has a control voltage (CV) mode with which you can morph and switch your way through your effects via the CV input/attenuator using any CV source. The more complex the modulator, the deeper and more specific the effect path will be. If you want to have the events in your own hands, you can also use the central knob and through the effects manually. In this case, your hand motion alone tells the way.


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More Modes

Then, you have a random manual, CV + clock, or a fill operation mode. The latter allows you to incorporate more or fewer effects into your path. An extremely interesting mode because here you can see how the basic sound reacts to the effects and if necessary you can expand the chain. All modes feature user-defined “morph” timing to allow you to adjust from click-less switching to long attack and decay times and everything in between.

The module can do both, very classic mixing but also automatically morph through many effects. No matter if simple or special, you get to know each effect new with this beast. According to the developer, you can also morph through multiple oscillators or CV sources. That makes the whole thing even more exciting

Sacrament founder Nero Bellum had this to say about The Cursible:

“The Cursible was the first idea that I had for a Eurorack module. As simple as it sounds, I was in the middle of a patch when I thought to myself “you know what would be really cool?” I then grabbed a notebook and scratched out the first rough sketch of what it would do and what it would look like. Effects always play a heavy role in my sound design and I love finding new ways to use them.

With The Cursible I wanted to take everything a step further by creating a module that would allow you to create multiple effects chains (up to 6) and then morph your signal through them. While working on the design (in collaboration with Erica Synths) we discovered other ways that the module could be used to great effect such as morphing / sequencing through cv / audio sources then added features that we thought would make the module even more useful such as the Stack and Piano modes.”


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First Impression & Availability

Some time ago I wrote that it was time for innovative modules that bring Eurorack forward. The Cursible does exactly that. It opens up new sound spectra, is playful, and unique. I’m pretty sure this module will be a big success. I am very interested in building it into my system myself. Looking forward to more demos.

Erica Synths The Cursible by Sacrament Modular is available now for pre-order in a crowdfunding campaign for 220€ (+ 21% VAT). With a successful crowdfunding campaign (150 pre-orders), the module will be available in early May 2021. The Cursible has been made available for preorder now through an in-house crowdfunding campaign.

More information here: Erica Synths 

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