Cubusynth VCLFOv2, new Electric Druid chip based complex digital LFO module

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Cubusynth VCLFOv2 is a new Electric Druid-based complex digital voltage-controllable LFO module with 16 waveforms and various extras.

I wrote about the Cre8audio Function Junction yesterday, which offers various tools in one budget-friendly module. Here, you get a lot in 16HP. It can also be done differently by taking individual modules for each function. So, envelopes, function generators, and LFOs.

The Portuguese company Cubusynth, the makers of the Engine v2 oscillator, have released a new versatile LFO with the VCLFOv2. This could be interesting if you prefer to rely on individual modules. 

Cubusynth VCLFOv2

Cubusynth VCLFOv2

VCLFOv2 is a new voltage-controlled low-frequency oscillator (LFO) module based on the Electric Druid VCLFO10 chip. The latter was written/designed by Tom Wiltshire, aka “Electric Druid”

The module offers a wide range of functions superior to those in classic LFOs. This starts with the available waveshapes. VCLFOv2 features 16 selectable waveforms, including traditional but also more unusual ones. These are regrouped in two sets selectable using a switch. 

Cubusynth’s new LFO has a frequency range of 0.05Hz to 12.8Hz (102.4Hz with multiplier x8). A solid range that you get here. On the front panel, you can find controls for the frequency, skew, and step rate.

The skew parameter is a shaper that progressively morphs a triangle into a saw when turning the skew clockwise and an inverted saw when turned counter-clockwise. Then, the step rate is a built-in sample & hold-style modulator. 

VCLFOv2 also has a wide range of inputs and outputs. Besides three unique outputs (unipolar, bipolar inverted, bipolar normal), it features six CV inputs for the frequency multiplier, frequency, step rate, skew, waveform, and level.

Additional CV attenuators exist for the multiplier, freq, wave, and level. And lastly, you get a LFO sync and reset inputs.

First Impression

VCLFOv2 looks like a very solid LFO with a lot of functionality. Not analog, but digital LFOs do the job just as well, if not better, as they usually offer more features. 

Cubusynth VCLFOv2 is available now for 190.80€ with VAT + shipping from Portugal. 

More information here: Cubusynth 

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