Frap Tools Released Falistri Creative Function Generator For Eurorack!

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During the NAMM 2019, the Italian manufacturer Frap Tools has released Falisitri, a new creative function generator for the Eurorack format. The module is based on two different parts: in the upper two thirds of the panel, it features two function generators that can work as envelope generator (ADSR, AHR), looped envelope (like an LFO) or as oscillator.

Interesting is that you can morph from logarithmic to linear to exponential slope without changing the time. In the low third, it includes a dual cascaded frequency divider, a linear slew limiter and four quadrant multiplier that are very handy utilities tools in a modular system.


  • two generators as envelopes or oscillators
  • independent shape per stage
  • independent time from shape
  • quadrature mode for both envelope or oscillator mode
  • manual buttons for realtime performance and ease of interaction
  • unipolar bipolar and attenuverted output
  • EOR and EOF digital outputs
  • two cascaded flip-flop for sub oscillators, clock dividers or more rhythmical combinations
  • DC-coupled four quadrant multiplier usable for AM RM or as VCA
  • slew limiter with separated rise and fall
  • analog design

Frap Tools Falistri is available now for 399€/USD from any official retailer.

More information here: Frap Tools

Available here: Frap Tools Falistri 

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