Ginkosynthese Sampleslicer MKIII, the return of the fascinating modular real-time sample slicer

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Ginkosynthese Sampleslicer MKIII is an all-new version of its’ fascinating, real-time sample slicer for Eurorack, now on Indiegogo.

It is a long process from conception and development to the finished module. In addition, there is a large financial outlay to support the project. Small developers, who often only run one-man shows, have a harder time than established brands with staff and budget.

One reason why many new companies and one-man shows launch their new products via platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Here you can realize your projects with the help of the community.

Ginkosynthese Sampleslicer MKIII

Jan Willem from Ginkosynthese is bringing his popular module, the Sampleslicer, to the market in a new MKIII version, with the help of a crowdfunding platform.

Ginkosynthese Sampleslicer MKIII

The Sampleslicer MKI and MKII were very popular modules. Unfortunately, due to the obsolete chipset on both versions, Jan Willem could not continue building these unique modules. But now it’s coming back with the help of Rob Bothof, who will code the firmware. 

Just like the first two versions, the SampleSlicer MKIII will be a real-time sampler/slicer for your Eurorack system. Unlike the former versions, the MKIII will be a monophonic stereo sampler paired with a 16-step voltage-controlled sequencer. 

The original concepts of the OG and MK2 are completely adopted in the MK3. You can chop up incoming sound automatically into 16 parts using the internal or external clock signal. Plus, spread it out over the 16 steps in the internal sequencer. An idea that has never existed before in the modular world.

Sampleslicer will have a further significant increase in features in the third version. It will include loading and saving samples from an SD card. This is a massive improvement that allows for more versatility. Another promised new feature is the option to start sampling quantized to a clock pulse.

A new punch-in function will also improve the workflow of the module. You can rewrite individual chosen slices instead of all 16 at once. This makes processing sounds much easier.

Then, you get various new sample playback characters to choose from. Either, you can work with raw 12-bit or a more cleaner sound from the upgraded ADC/DAC chips.

Ginkosynthese Sampleslicer MKIII

Also new will be a monitor feature for mixing the incoming audio with playback samples to the output. A new reverse function will allow you to reverse playback of your slices.


Another highlight and exclusivity for the Sampleslicer MKIII will be the SControl. No, it’s not an expander module, but it’s a USB-powered keyboard controller for the Sampleslicer. 

The keys will correspond to the start points of the slices, allowing you to playback individual slices in loop or 1-shot mode. That’s not all. You can also use it to punch in new samples on selected slices, it give you visual feedback, and more.

There is no video of the new SampleSlicer MKIII yet. I added this very popular video from DivKid for Music Radar, showing very clearly how it will work. 

First Impression

I’m particularly happy about the news. The Sampleslicer is a super exciting module from a very passionate boutique developer. The new features make perfect sense and I hope Jan gets the amount or get significantly more.

The development of the Sampleslicer MKIII by Ginkosynthese can now be supported via Indigogo. You can support it with a pre-order for 390€ or 470€ with the SCONTROL USB-powered desktop controller. Estimated shipping will be in September 2024. 

More information here: Indiegogo

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  1. Sounds fun. I love samplers from The MPC to THE Koala App Sampler on my phone. I like using a grove box but My favorite way to sample is Using an H1n to collect sounds out doors or something I play or even just the sound of a Percussion Set made of a wire Mattress Box set and a bunch of Pots and pans & shaking or beating it then recording it with my better H5n hand recorder with 4 nand recording, mixing and dubbing capabilities or my H8 &track Zoom recorder full production machine or just my grandfathers old Cassette Recorder. Then I mix these with FX from my Roland E4 Vocoder, Auto Pitch or scatter knob or something like it then run it through Koala. The best part is everything I owned is made by me or just a noise I record outside or inside so no Fees for Sampling. I have a library with 18 cassettes, 3 Cds & 8 32-128 GB chips plus 100os saved on phones and computers. So if someone needs a Unique sample I probably have it in my 500K+ 100% Original samples & loops Ill give away for 10% of any earnings over $1000. What do you think? Its lofi but Running through the Zoom H5 or H8 can change that or use a free Daw like Amped. Its cheap and easy

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