ValhallaVintageVerb 4.0, free update with new Chamber and Hall algorithms

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ValhallaDSP has updated its ValhallaVintageVerb to version 4.0 with two new reverb algorithms: Chamber1979 and Hall1984. 

There have been two big news from ValhallaDSP in the last two weeks. On the one hand there was a neat update for the VahallaRoom plugin. Version 2.0 added more space control. Full article is available here.

On the other side, he hijacked Black Friday with another massive update for its Supermassive delay/reverb plugin. Just before Christmas, ValhallaDSP has more good news. ValhallaVintageVerb just got an impressive free update 4.0. This time, you get two new algorithms to explore. 

ValhallaVintageVerb 4.0

ValhallaVintageVerb 4.0

Chamber1979 is a new chamber algorithm that takes inspiration from digital reverbs from the late 1970s. According to Sean Costello, it’s not a 1-to-1 emulation of these reverbs because they had issues in the sound. Instead of replicating them,  he redesigned the algorithm with characteristics he had already used in the ValhallaRoom plugin.

This includes fixes for the modulation, decay time, and metallic sound issues making it a retro-futurism homage to that era of reverbs. The algorithm offers a key feature in the 70s and 80s colors, the aperture filter. It adds some unique brightness to the reverb sound. 

With these new techniques and know-how, he also went into the development of the second algorithm, the Hall1984. The new Concert Hall algorithm retained the open sound and spaciousness of the older algorithm but with a less metallic sound and far greater control over the reverb time, says Sean Costello of ValhallaDSP.

It works great for short room sounds, big halls, cathedrals, and giant synth reverbs. He also changed the modulation of the algorithm to be more distributed with the network, while retaining the coloration of the original algorithm. There is also the new aperture filter in the 70s and 80s modes for additional brightness.

Also the Hall1984 pays tribute to a reverb hardware from the past, more precisely from 1980s. Sean also says: “don’t let the “1984” in the name fool you – Hall1984 is perfect for dark 70s digital halls, brighter 80s halls, and crystal clear modern reverbs”. 

Further, you get new presets for both new algorithms as well as for the Palace reverb mode. Plus, he added suport for the latest macOS and Windows systems.

First Impression 

A sound demo of the new algorithms is currently missing. But I played them briefly and they sound fantastic once again. I will continue to dream of being able to use these algorithms in a pedal one day. Or at least as an iOS app. But I think this remains just a dream. Another great update for a ValhallaDSP plugin. Thanks a lot.

ValhallaVintageVerb 4.0 is available now as a free update for existing users. The plugin is out now for $50. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX on mac (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Intel. 

More information here: ValhallaDSP 

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