NANO Modules releases its Performance Mixer with internal knob automation

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NANO Modules has released its Performance Mixer with 28HP, four channels with dedicated controls and built-in knob automation.

The year 2023 is in its final days. In the Eurorack area, the big topic was performance mixers. We have seen performance mixers from many companies. Noise Engineering, Jolin, Frequency Central, 1010 Music… 

The Spanish company NANO Modules recently released its take on a performance mixer. Is this the last one for 2023? 

NANO Modules Performance Mixer

NANO Modules Performance Mixer

Performance Mixer (28HP) consists of four channels of audio inputs, two mono and two stereo. With four channels, it’s not the biggest performance mixer but one of the more compact ones. But the features are exciting. 

Each channel features dedicated controls, including volume, pan/balance, and AUX controls. There are also AUX CV inputs on the mono channels, a cue switch, and a mute button on each channel. 

Besides the four channels, Performance Mixer also offers two AUX channels: X and Y, with mono sends and stereo returns. Then, each channel features its own return level control and selectable pre/post-fader operation. 

From here, it goes into the output section featuring main stereo outputs, a headphone socket, and a cut mix output to monitor yourself. To get a visual overview of your signals, it also hosts LED clipping indicators. 

NANO Modules Performance Mixer

Knob Recording

Instead of giving every single knob a CV socket for automation, NANO Modules decided to take a smart approach here with a digital core. The latter unlocks a unique feature of the Performance Mixer, the ability to record knobs right in the module. 

You can create automation for the volume pan, and AUX controls for lively and dynamic mixes without working with CVs. So, you don’t need extra modulation from other modules to animate your mixes. 

There is also an EXP4 expander that adds a stereo direct out (post fader) pro channel, a four gate input for controlling mute, and an AUX CV input for the stereo input 3-4. 

First Impression

At first glance, it’s a lovely performance mixer. Nano Modules take is perhaps a bit small with only four full channels, but it could be the right choice for smaller setups. The knob recording function is a great addition, making it not just a mixer but also a sound design tool.

NANO Modules Performance Mixer is available now for $649,99 and 575€. 

More information here: NANO Modules 

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  1. I don’t get. Why is this so expensive? It is a simple mixer….
    A mackie 802 can do more for 200 bucks. And there are also much cheaper ones…
    Put a simple mixer in Eurorack and you can multiple the price…

    • different concept for a mixer. You can’t automate parameters in a Mackie mixer, you can’t CV control a Mackie Mixer.
      Plus, it’s a made by a tiny company from Spain, not a big player like Mackie with tons of resources.

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