Dnipro Modular Dot, Compact 3 Channel Euclidian Pattern Generator For Eurorack

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Dot is a compact three channels euclidian pattern generator with XOX step programming perfect for rhythmic triggers (pulses, divide clocks…) 

This is not the first module from the young company Dnipro Modular. The first is called Metamorph and is a versatile 4 stage x 3 channel CV source module with a built-in sequencer that is inspired by the Serge Tcherepin concept.

Dot is a handy module for generating and managing rhythmic triggers in your system. It can fire drums, generate variable pulses, divide clocks, create polymetrics on a fly with several twists of a knob or with deep, careful pattern programming.

dnipro Modular Dot

It offers generative and manual program techniques which can be also combined. “You can create pattern with euclidian algorithm and then edit it in xox style or shift it with cv inputs to a new level of variety.”

Clever, you can chain multiple DOTs together if you need more channels.


  • 3 channels trigger sequencer in 6 hp
  • euclidian pattern generators and XOX step programing
  • real-time manual recording
  • 3 routable bi-polar cv inputs
  • ability to save and load patterns
  • programmable ratchets
  • swing
  • flip-able interface
  • stable clocking with ultra-low latency
  • several modules can be chained to share clock and reset.

Technical Details

  • 6HP,
  • 120 mA +12V, 20mA -12V &  0 mA 5V
  • 42 mm deep
  • 4mS, 4.5v triggers

Dnipro Modular Dot is available now for $160 USD.

More information here: Dnipro Modular

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